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AGARDH, C.A. Essai de réduire la physiologie végétale à des principes fondamentaux.

Lund, Gleerup, (1828). 8vo (165 x 100mm). pp.(4), 56. Contemporary marbled paper. (Together with:) AGARDH, C.A. Essai sur le développement intéri...

EUR 500

The first great bird book

BELON, P. L'Histoire de la nature des Oyseaux, avec leurs descriptions, & naïfs portraicts retirez du naturel: escrite en sept livres.

Paris, Guillaume Cavellat, 1555. Folio (328 x 220 mm). pp. (28), 381, (1), with woodcut portrait ofthe author and 160 woodcuts of birds, text with ...

EUR 18,000

deals with the application of the electricity to the growth of plants

BERTHOLON, P. De l'électricité des végétaux.

Ouvrage dans lequel on traite de l'électricité de l'atmosphère sur les plantes, de ses effects sur l'économie des végétaux, de leurs vertus m...

EUR 850

Blair expounded the then new view as to the sexual characters of plants

one of the fathers of modern biology

BONNET, C. Considérations sur les Corps organisés, Où l'on traite de leur Origine, de leur Développement, de leur Réproduction, & c.

& où l'on a rassemblé en abrégé tout ce que l'Histoire Naturelle offre de plus certain & de plus intéressant sur ce sujet. Amsterdam, chez Mar...

EUR 950

Bonnet is considered one of the fathers of modern biology

BONNET, C. Contemplation de la Nature.

Amsterdam, Marc-Michel Rey, 1764. 2 volumes (bound in one). 8vo (197 x 125mm). pp. (4), lxxxiv, 298; pp. vi, 260, with engraved title-vignette on ...

EUR 500

by the 'Raphael of the Succulents' Pierre Joseph Redouté

CANDOLLE, A. P. DE & REDOUTÉ, P.J. Plantarum Historia Succulentarum. Histoire des Plantes Grasses.

Paris, A.J. Dugour et Durand, An VII (1799-1805). 2 volumes. Folio (505 x 328mm). With 169 stipple-engraved plates by Redouté, printed in colour a...

EUR 48,000

"Catesby's 'Natural History' is the most famous colorplate book of American plants and animal life" (Hunt 486).

early work on endosmose, the movement of the sap in the stem

COTTA, H. Naturbeobachtungen über die Bewegung und Funktion des Saftes in den Gewächsen, mit vorzüglicher Hinsicht auf Holzpflanzen.

Weimar, in der Hoffmannischen Buchhandlung, 1806. 4to (265 x 215mm). pp. (2), xiv, (2), 96, (1), with engraved title vignette and 7 hand-coloured e...

EUR 1,000

interesting collection of articles by Charles Darwin and his son Francis Darwin

DARWIN, C. On the Two Forms, or Dimorphic Condition, in the Species of Primula, and on their remarkable Sexual Relations. (Read Nov. 21, 1861). 8vo. (210 x 135mm), pp. 77-96, with 2 illustrations.

(Together with:) DARWIN, C. On the existence of two forms, and on their reciprocal sexual relation,in several species of the genus Linum. (Read Feb...

EUR 6,500

First edition, first issue

DARWIN, C. On the various contrivances by which British and foreign Orchids are fertilised by insects.

London, John Murray, 1862. 8vo (196 x 125 mm). pp. vi, 365, 32 (inserted advertisement dated December 1861), with one folding plate and 33 text wo...

EUR 2,200

First edition

DARWIN, C. The effects of cross and self fertilisation in the vegetable kingdom.

London, John Murray, 1876. 8vo (190 x 125mm). pp. viii, 482, 1 diagram and 109 tables. Publishers green cloth, gilt lettered spine (very slightly r...

EUR 1,500

DARWIN, C. The movements and habits of climbing plants. Second thousand.

London, John Murray, 1876. 8vo (190 x 130mm). pp. viii, 208, with 13 text-woodcuts. Publisher's gilt- and blind-stamped green full cloth.

EUR 500

First edition. A rare unopenend copy

DARWIN, C. The power of movement in plants. Assisted by Francis Darwin.

London, John Murray, 1880. 8vo (188 x 125mm). pp. x, 592, 32 (inserted advertisement dated May 1878), with 196 text woodcuts. Publisher's gilt-and ...

EUR 1,500

the first edition, first issue

DARWIN, C. The variation of animals and plants under domestication.

London, J. Murray, 1868. 2 volumes. Royal-8vo (222 x 140mm). (I:) pp. viii, 411, (1), 32 (advertisments dated April 1867), with 43 wood-engravings ...

EUR 3,500

The fine allegorical frontispiece shows the gardens of Schönbrunn

(DENIS, M. & SCHIFFSMÜLLER, I.) Systematisches Verzeichniss der Schmetterlinge der Wienergegend herausgegeben von einigen Lehrern am k.k.

Theresianum. Wien, A. Bernardi, 1776. Large-4to (277 x 210mm). pp. (2), 322, (2), with 1 engraved title-page, 1 engraved vignette, 1 handcoloured e...

EUR 2,500

DODART, D. Memoires pour servir à l'histoire des plantes. Seconde édition...

Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1679. 8vo (160 x 90mm). pp. (8), 329, with engraved title-vignette and 2 other engraved vignettes in the text. Contempora...

EUR 500

pioneering work on forestry

A large uncut copy of the first edition

great French classic on trees and shrubs with the famous Matthiolus woodcuts

DUHAMEL DU MONCEAU, H.L. Traité des Arbres et Arbustes qui se cultivent en France en pleine terre.

Paris, H.L. Guerin & L.F. Delatour, 1755. 2 volumes. 4to (270 x 210mm). pp. (4), lxii, 368; (2), 387, with 4 (3 folded) engraved plates, 250 full-p...

EUR 3,500

ELLIS, D. An inquiry into the changes induced on Atmospheric air, by the germination of seeds, the vegetation of plants, and the respiration of animals.

Edinburgh, W. Creech, 1807. 8vo (210 x 130mm). pp. xiii, (1), 246. (Together with:). ELLIS, D. Farther inquiries into the changes induced on Atmosp...

EUR 450

With Esper a real scholar arrives on the scene

ESPER, E.J.C. Die Schmetterlinge in Abbildungen nach der Natur mit Beschreibungen.

Erlangen, W. Walther, 1777-1794 (-1830). 5 parts and supplements (bound in 10 volumes, including the 'Ausländische Schmetterlinge). 4to. (280 x 21...

EUR 5,500

illustrated with chromolithographs, designed, printed and sometimes "rebouché au pinceau" in the large printing office situated in the middle of van Houtte's gardens

FLORE DES SERRES ET DES JARDINS DE L'EUROPE, ou descriptions des plantes les plus rares et les plus méritantes ... Rédigé par C. Lemaire, Scheidweiler & Van Houtte e.a.

Gand, van Houtte, 1845-1880. 23 volumes. Royal-8vo (252 x 180mm). With over 2500, nearly all coloured plates. Contemporary brown half calf, spines ...

EUR 15,000

GESSNER, C. Historiae Animalium Liber III que est de Avium Natura Nunc denuo recognitus?..

Frankfurt, Johan Wechel for Robert Cambieri, 1585. Folio (367 x 243mm). pp. (12), 806, (26, index).Woodcut on title, woodcut initials, head- and ta...

EUR 48,000

Goethe's pioneering essay on the metamorphosis of plants

GOETHE, J.W. VON. Versuch die Metamorphose der Pflanzen zu erklären.

Gotha, Carl Wilhelm Ettinger, 1790. 8vo (228 x 145mm). pp. (6), 86. Contemporary boards, preserved in an attractive half red morocco box, with gilt...

EUR 3,000

First to observe sex in plants - the birth of microscopic anatomy of plants

GREW, N. The Anatomy of Plants. With an Idea of a Philosophical History of Plants. And several other lectures read before the Royal Society.

London, W. Rawlins, for the Author, 1682. Folio (320 x 195mm). pp. (16), (6), 24, (10), 1-212 & (217)-304, 19 index, 1 blank and 83 (5 double-page)...

EUR 4,500

The first complete account of the physiology of plants, including the reaction with air and movement of the sap

Hill's 'Sleep of plants?' is generally considered his most important contribution in the field of vegetable physiology

HILL, J. The Sleep of Plants, and cause of motion in the sensitive plant. In a letter to C. Linnaeus.

London, R. Baldwin, 1757. 8vo (150 x 95mm). pp. (10), 57, (3). Recent half calf, gilt lettered spine, marbled sides. (Together with:) HILL, J. Abha...

EUR 2,500

HUBER, F. & SENEBIER, J. Mémoires sur l'influence de l'air et de diverses substances gazeuses dans la germination de differentes graines.

Genève, J.J. Paschoud, IX (1801). 8vo (197 x 125mm). pp. xiii, (1), 230, (2). Contemporary calf, richly gilt spine and gilt sides.

EUR 1,500

HÜBNER, J. Sammlung exotischer Schmetterlinge (Lepidoptera Exotica). New English fac-simile edition. Edited by P. Wystsman and with additional text by W.F. Kirby.

Brussels, V. Verteneuil & L. Desmet, 1894-1897. 3 volumes. Large-4to (282 x 222mm). pp.(10), (8), (10),172, with 491hand-coloured lithographed plat...

EUR 16,000

the first to observe and elucidate the process of photosynthesis

The first full-length exposition of Lamarck's evolutionary theory

scarce work portraying the flora of Greenland

LANGE, J Icones florae Groenlandicae, Tabulae ex opere 'Icones florae Danicae' inscripto selectae.

Copenhagen, Bianco Luno, 1883. 3 atlas volumes and 1 index volume. Folio (392 x 255mm). pp. 11, with 336 beautifully hand-coloured engraved plates....

EUR 12,000

the first to see and describe Bacteria, Red Blood Corpuscles, Spermatozoa

First edition of the foundation of plant anatomy

MALPIGHI, M. Anatome Plantarum. Cui subjungitur appendix, iteratas & auctas eiusdem Authoris de Ovo Incubato observationes continens...

Londini, J. Martyn, 1675-79. 2 volumes in one. Folio (357 x 230mm). pp. (iv, including frontispiece), 15, (5), 82, (ii), 20; (viii, including front...

EUR 4,500

MARTINET, J.F. Katechismus der natuur.

Amsterdam, Johannes Allart, 1782-1791. Royal-8vo (215 x 120mm). 4 volumes & 4 supplements (bound in6). With 4 engraved frontispieces and 31 (5 hand...

EUR 750

MEDICUS, F.C. Beyträge zur Pflanzen-Anatomie, Pflanzen-Physiologie und einer neuen Charakteristik der Bäume und Sträucher.

Leipzig, H. Gräff, 1799-1801. 7 parts, bound in one. 8vo (172 x105mm). pp. 521, (3). Contemporary half calf, spine with gilt lettered label and gi...

EUR 500

NOLLET, J.A. Recherches sur les causes particulières des phénoménes électriques, et sur les effets nuisibles ou avantageux qu'on peut en attendre.

Paris, Frères Guerin, 1749. 8vo (162 x 95mm). pp. xxxvi, 444, with 8 folded engraved plates. Contemporary mottled calf, richly gilt spine with 5 r...

EUR 550

one of the most attractive natural history encyclopaedias of the 19th century

ORBIGNY, C. d'. Dictionnaire universel d'histoire naturelle... dirigé par M. Charles d'Orbigny, et enrichi d'un magnifique Atlas de planches gravées sur acier.

Paris, au Bureau Principal des Éditeurs..., Langlois et Leclercq, Victor Masson, 1849. 16 volumes (13 text- & 3 atlas-volumes). Royal-8vo (240 x 1...

EUR 3,800

the most beautiful miniature entomological work ever published

PANZER, G.W. Faunae Insectorum Germanicae Initia oder Deutschlands Insecten.

Nürnberg, in der Felseckerschen Buchhandlung, 1793-1799. parts 1-67 (of 100), bound in 17 volumes. Oblong small-8vo (120 x 95mm). With 1 allegoric...

EUR 6,000

both Napoleon III and Queen Victoria subscribed to its first edition

RAVENSCROFT, E. J. The Pinetum Britannicum. A descriptive account of Hardy Coniferous Trees, cultivated in Great Britain.

Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood & Son, (1863)-1884. 3 volumes. Folio (555 x 417mm). pp. (6), errata leaf, 1-110; (2), 111-216; (2), 217-330 with...

EUR 15,000

SACHS, J. Geschichte der Botanik vom 16. Jahrhundert bis 1860.

München, R. Oldenbourg, 1875. 8vo (210 x 130mm). pp. xii, 612. Recent blue cloth.

EUR 500

SEITZ, A. Die Gross-Schmetterlinge der Erde. Eine systematische Bearbeitung der Gross-Schmetterlinge der ganzen Welt.

Stuttgart, Kernen Verlag, 1909-1954. 20 volumes (bound in 32). 4to (315 x 250mm). Text and 1458 chromolithographed plates. Publisher's uniform half...

EUR 19,000

The fine plates are made by process of 10-14 colour lithography, and its excellent quality has remained unsurpassed

SEITZ, A. The Macrolepidoptera of the world.

Stuttgart, Kernen Verlag, 1909-1954. 20 volumes (bound in 29). 4to. With 1458 chromolithographed plates. Publisher's half calf, gilt and unbound in...

EUR 12,000

The first and most important of four works by Senebier specifically on photosynthesis

SENEBIER, J. Mémoires Physico-Chymiques, sur l'influence de la lumière solaire pour modifier les êtres des trois règnes de la Nature, & sur-tout ceux du règne végétal.

Genève, Barthelemi Chirol, 1782. 3 volumes. 8vo (215 x 145mm). pp. xvi, 408; viii, 411; viii, 412, with 2 folded engraved plates. Contemporary mar...

EUR 1,000

One of the finest works on butterflies ever published

SEPP, J.C. Beschouwing der wonderen Gods, in de minst geachte schepzelen.

Of Nederlandsche Insecten, naar hunne aanmerkelijke huishouding, verwonderlijke gedaante-wisseling en andere wetenswaardige bijzonderheden ... Amst...

EUR 25,000

One of the finest works on butterflies ever published

SEPP, J.C. Beschouwing der wonderen Gods, in de minst geachte schepzelen. Of Nederlandsche Insecten, naar hunne aanmerkelijke huishouding, verwonderlijke gedaantewisseling en andere wetenswaardige bijzonderheden ...

Amsterdam, J.C. Sepp, 1762-1860. 8 volumes. 4to (250 x 190mm). With 8 hand-coloured engraved frontispieces and 400 hand-coloured engraved plates. C...

EUR 12,500

THORNTON, R.J. Botanical Extracts: or Philosophy of botany, being botanical and philosophical Extracts.

London, White, Johnson?., 1810. 2 volumes. Folio (460 x 320mm). pp. 1-308; (2), 309-574, with 2 engraved title-vignettes and 14 (some double-page) ...

EUR 2,900

There were 18 new Australian plants, with 24 figured

VENTENAT, E.P. & REDOUTÉ, P.J. Jardin de Malmaison.

Paris, Crapelet, An XI (1803-1804) (-1805). 2 volumes. Folio (543 x 360mm). With 120 stipple-engraved plates by Redouté, printed in colours and fi...

EUR 85,000

very rare thesis of this famous Dutch scientist

VRIES, H. DE. Die Mutationstheorie.

Versuche und Beobachtungen über die Entstehung von Arten im Pfanzenreich. Leipzig, Veith & Comp., 1901-1903. 2 volumes. Royal-8vo (335 x 165mm). p...

EUR 800