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A large paper copy with proof plates

ADANSON, M. Histoire naturelle de Sénégal. COQUILLAGES.

Paris, chez Claude-Jean-Baptiste Bauche, 1757. 4to (292 x 222mm). pp. (8), 190, xcvi, 275, with 1 folded engraved map and 19 engraved plates. Conte...

EUR 2,800

ALTEN, J.W. VON. Systematische Abhandlung über die Erd- und Flussconchilien welche um Augsburg und der umliegenden Gegend gefunden werden. Als ein Beytrag zur vaterländischen Naturgeschichte.

Augsburg, Gedruckt auf Kosten des Verfasser, 1812. 8vo (210 x 135mm). pp. xvi, 120, with 14 hand-coloured engraved plates. Recent cloth, spine with...

EUR 2,200

Of all the pomological publications, published around the middle of last century this is without doubt the most important one and also the most beautiful


publiées par la Commission Royale de Pomologie, instituée par S.M. le Roi des Belges. 8 volumes. Bruxelles, F. Parent 1853-1860. Large-4to (340 x...

EUR 24,000

The first work on coniferous trees and one of the first botanical books to cover a single species

BELON, P. De arboribus coniferis, resiniferis, aliis quoque nonnullis sempiterna fronde virentibus, cum earundem iconibus ad vivum expressis....

Paris, E. Corrozet, 1553. 4to (198 x 148mm). ff. (8), 32 with 8 woodcuts in the text. Recent marbled boards.

EUR 2,700

Amos Binney (1803-1847) and William G. Binney (1825-1909) are two scientists who played significant roles in 19th century conchology

BINNEY, A. & BINNEY, W.G. Terrestrial Air-Breathing Mollusks of the United States and the adjacent territories of North America: described and illustrated by Amos Binney. Edited by August A. Gould.

Boston, Charles C. Little/ Cambridge, printed for the Museum, 1851-1892. 5 volumes and 4 supplements bound in 7. 8vo (232 x 145mm). With 237 (83 ha...

EUR 7,500

BLOCH, M.E. Naturgeschichte der Ausländischen Fische.

Berlin, Auf Kosten des Verfassers, 1785-1795. Text volumes to parts I, II, III, IV, V, VIII, IX. 4to. (290 x 240mm). pp. (8), 136; (8), 160; x, (2)...

EUR 1,200

BLOCH, M.E. Oeconomische Naturgeschichte der Fische Deutschlands.

Berlin, Auf Kosten des Verfassers..., 1782-1784. 3 text-volumes. 4to (290 x 240mm). pp. (16), 258; (8), 192; (8), 234. Later marbled boards, spines...

EUR 1,000

BOWLES, G. Introduction à l'histoire naturelle et à la géographie physique de l'Espagne. Traduite de l'Original Espagnol de Guillaume Bowles, par le Viconte de Flavigny.

Paris, L. Cellot & Jombert Fils, 1776. 8vo (190 x 115mm). pp. xii, 516. Contemporary calf, richly gilt decorates spine with red gilt lettered label...

EUR 850

This voyage was especially significant for the natural history data collected

BRENCHLEY, J.L. Jottings during the cruise of H.M.S. Curaçoa among the South Sea Islands in 1865.

London, Longmans, Green, and Co., 1873. Large 8vo (255 x 175 mm). pp. xxviii, 487, with 1 folded coloured frontispiece, 58 plates of which 42 handc...

EUR 1,900

A special section is devoted to shells, 48 beautifully engraved plates depicting 412 specimens

BUONANNI, P. Musaeum Kircherianum sive Musaeum A.P. Athanasio Kirchero in Collegio Romano Societatis Jesu iam pridem incoeptum nuper restitutum, auctum, descriptum, & Iconibus illustratum.

Romae, Typis G. Plachi, 1709. Folio (357 x 245mm). pp. (xii), 522, including the portrait frontispiece and 172 engraved plates. Contemporary vellum...

EUR 7,500

BUTLER, A.G. Illustrations of typical specimens of Lepidoptera Heterocera in the collection of the British Museum.

London, Printed by order of the Trustees, 1879-1893. Volumes 3, 5, 6 and 7 (of 9). 4to (320 x 250mm). With plates 41-60, 78-100, 101-120, 121-138, ...

EUR 500

CASSONE, F. Flora Medico-Farmaceutica compilata dal dottore in medicina e chirurgia Felice Cassone.

Torino, Tipografia di Giuseppe Cassone, 1847-1852. 6 volumes. Royal-8vo (230 x 150mm). pp. xxxv, 364; 391; 392; 383; 414; 394, with 600 fine handco...

EUR 5,000

devoted to exotic plants and animals

CLUSIUS, C. Exoticorum libri decem: quibus animalium, plantarum, aromatum, aliorumque peregrinorum fructuum historiae describuntur: Item Petri Bellonii Observationes...

Leiden, Officina Pantiniana, Franciscus Raphelingius the younger, 1605. Folio (340 x 210mm). pp. (xvi), 378, (10); 52; (28); (xii), 242, (2), with ...

EUR 12,000

The number published of the 'Illustrations of British Fungi' must have been very small as there were only 70 subscribers in Britain

COOKE, M.C. Illustrations of British Fungi (Hymenomycetes), to serve as an atlas to the "Handbook of British Fungi". London, Williams and Norgate, 1881-1891. 8 volumes.

Royal-8vo (228 x 145mm). With 1198 chromolithographed plates. Uniformly bound in green half calf, spines with gilt lettering.

EUR 4,500

Of all the herpetological treatises to emerge in France immediately following the French Revolution, the most comprehensive was Daudin's.

DAUDIN, F.M. Histoire Naturelle, Générale et Particulière des Reptiles. Ouvrage faisant suite à l'Histoire Naturelle générale et particulière, composée par Leclerc de Buffon et rédigée par C.S. Sonnini ...

Paris, Dufart, An X-XI (1801-1803). 8 volumes. Royal-8vo (210 x 135 mm). pp. 384; 432; 452; 397; 365; 447; 436; 439, with 100 engraved plates, apar...

EUR 3,900



Antwerpen, (Claes) de Grave, June 1526. Folio (270 x 195mm). 188 Leaves, with over 400 woodcuts. Early 20th century red morocco, richly gilt decora...

EUR 29,000

The colored plates, or Nature Prints, used in this work, are direct transfers from the insects themselves

DENTON, S.F. As Nature shows them. Moths and Butterflies of the United States East of the Rocky Mountains. With over 400 photographic illustrations in the text and many transfers of species from life.

Boston, Bradlee Whidden, (1897-) 1900. 2 volumes. Royal-8vo (245 x 170mm). pp. x, (6), 1-161; pp. xiv, (3), 164-361, with 56 transfers of species f...

EUR 2,900

The plates belong to the finest ever made. For example Barraband, Redouté and Bouquet for the bird plates.

the most important book to be published in England during the eighteenth century on the plant growing in a private garden

DILLENIUS, J.J. Horti Elthamensis plantarum rariorum icones et nomina Joh. Jac. Dillenio, M.D. descriptarum Elthami in Cantio, in Horto... Jacobi Sherard... additis denominationibus Linnaeanis.

Lugduni Batavorum, C. Haak, 1774. 2 volumes (bound in one). Folio (410 x 250mm). Leaves (6); 1, with engraved frontspiece portrait and 325 etched p...

EUR 13,000

A masterwork what botany in the Dutch speaking countries is concerned

Nissen in his publication 'Die botanische Buchillustration' speaks highly of him 'seine Tafeln... verdienen volles Lob'.

DREVES, J.F. & HAYNE, F.G. Choix de Plantes d'Europe, décrites et dessinées d'après nature.

Leipzig, Voss et Compagnie, 1802. 5 volumes. 4to (295 x 230mm). pp. xii, 40; xii, 44; xii, 44; xii,40; x, 38, with 125 fine hand-coloured engraved ...

EUR 4,200

the finest work published on caterpillars of France

DUPONCHEL, P.A.J. & GUÉNÉE, A. Iconographie des Chenilles, pour faire suite à l'ouvrage intitulé: Histoire Naturelle des Lépidoptères, ou Papillons de France.

Paris, Méquignon-Marvis, 1832-1837. 31 parts. 8vo (225 x 145mm). With 93 fine hand-coloured engraved plates. Publisher's printed wrappers, preserv...

EUR 2,900

The plates are beautifully executed with very fine hand-colouring

EHRENBERG, C.G. Symbolae Physicae seu Icones et Descriptiones Avium quae ex itinere per Africam Borealem et Asiam Occidentalem Friderici Guilelmi Hemprich et Christiani Godofredi Ehrenberg... edidit Dr. C.G. Ehrenberg.

Berlin, ex Officina Academica, 1829. Folio (510 x 355mm). With 10 hand-coloured lithographed platesnumbered 11-20. Unbound in original printed port...

EUR 2,800

one of the most ambitious entomological publications of the eighteenth century

ENGRAMELLE, M.D.J. Papillons d'Europe, peints d'après nature par M. Ernst, gravé par M. Gerardin et coloriés sous leur direction ... Décrits par le R.P. Engramelle.

Paris, Delaguette/ Basan & Poignant, 1779-1792 (-1793). 8 volumes, bound in 4. Large-4to (305 x 240mm). With 3 (2 hand-coloured) engraved frontispi...

EUR 19,500

about the colony of Surinam, about diseases of that area and about its plants

La faune malacologique du Mexique et du Guatemala est une des plus intéressantes de l'Amérique

FISCHER, P. & GOSSE, H. Études sur les Mollusques Terrestres et Fluviatiles du Mexique et du Guatemala.

Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, (1870)-1902. 3 volumes (2 text vols & atlas). Folio (345 x 255mm). pp.(4), 702; pp. (6), 731; pp. (6), with 72 lithogr...

EUR 6,500

700 new species are described

FORSSKAL, P. & NIEBUHR, C. Flora AEgyptiaco-Arabica. Sive descriptiones plantarum, quas AEgyptum inferiorum et Arabiam felicem.

Hauniae, ex Offina Mölleri, 1775. 4to (255 x 205mm). pp. 32, cxxvi, (2), 219, (1), with hand-coloured engraved map of Yemen by J. Haas after Niebu...

EUR 5,800

the most important scientific expedition to Scandinavia

GAIMARD, P. Voyage en Scandinavie, en Laponie, au Spitzberg et aux Feröe pendant les années 1838-1840 sur la corvette La Recherche, commandée par M. Fabvre. Publiés par ordre du Roi sousla direction de M. Paul Gaimard.

Paris, A. Bertrand, (1842-1855). 17 text-volumes (bound in 16). 8vo (220 x 140mm). & 5 atlases (bound in 3), with 449 (76 hand-coloured) plates. Fo...

EUR 39,000

GAIMARD, P. Voyage en Scandinavie, en Laponie, au Spitzberg et aux Feröe pendant les années 1838-1840 sur la corvette La Recherche, commandée par M. Fabvre. Publiés par ordre du Roi sousla direction de M. Paul Gaimard.

Paris, A. Bertrand, (1842-1855). The following text volumes only:
Géologie, Minéralogie, Métallurgie, by E. Robert. Paris, A. Bertrand, no da...

EUR 1,500

A very rare complete set of the first editions of Gessner's 'Historia Animalium'

a rare privately printed flower book

GLEADALL, E. E. The Beauties of Flora with botanic and poetic illustrations, being a selection of flowers drawn from nature, arranged emblematically with directions for colouring them.

Heath Hall near Wakefield, E.E. Gleadall, 1834-36. 2 volumes. 4to (335 x 250mm). With 2 hand-coloured lithographed titles and 41 hand-coloured lith...

EUR 7,000

one of the finest illustrated French works on Lepidoptera

GODART, J.B. & DUPONCHEL, P.A.J. Histoire naturelle des Lépidoptères ou Papillons de France.

Paris, Crevot/Méquignon-Marvis Fils, 1821-1842. 11 volumes & 4 supplements (bound in 17). 8vo (215 x 130mm). With 546 (545 hand-coloured) engraved...

EUR 7,800

The following figures were selected from General Hardwicke's Collection of Drawings

GRAY, G.R. Descriptions and Figures of some new Lepidopterous Insects chiefly from Nepal.

London, Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1846. 8vo (215 x 135mm). pp. 16, with 16 engraved plates of which 14 beautifully hand-coloured. Contem...

EUR 1,900

the birth of microscopic anatomy of plants

GREW, N. The Anatomy of Plants. With an Idea of a Philosophical History of Plants. And several other lectures read before the Royal Society.

London, W. Rawlins, for the Author, 1682. Folio (316 x 193mm). pp. (16), (6), 24, (10), 1-212 & (217)-304, 19 index, 1 blank and 83 (5 double-page)...

EUR 5,500

The most attractive book on wood ever published

JABLONSKY, C.G. & HERBST, J.F.W. Natursystem aller bekannten in- und ausländischen Insecten, als eine Fortzetsung der von Büffonschen Naturgeschichte. Nach dem System des Ritters Carl von Linné bearbeitet: KÄFER.

Berlin, J. Pauli, 1785-1790. Volumes 1-3 (of 10). 8vo (195 x 120mm). With 1 engraved hand-coloured frontispiece and 3 hand-coloured title-vignettes...

EUR 800

The rare 4to issue printed on 'Velin'.

JAUME SAINT-HILAIRE, J.H. La Flore et la Pomone Françaises, ou histoire et figure en couleur, des fleurs et des fruits de France ou naturalisés sur le sol français.

Paris, chez l'auteur, 1828-1833 (-1835). 5 volumes. 4to (270 x 210mm). With 544 fine engraved plates by the author, printed in colours with hand-fi...

EUR 6,500

one of the most beautiful shell books ever made

KIENER, L.C. Spécies Général et Iconographie des Coquilles Vivantes, comprenant la collection du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris, la collection Lamarck, celle du Prince Masséna et les découvertes récentes des Voyageurs.

Paris, Rousseau/ Baillière, (1834)-1880. 11 volumes. Royal-8vo (240 x 155mm). With 903 fine hand-coloured engraved plates. Later half blue calf, s...

EUR 16,000

attractive work on butterflies, their larvae and their food plants

LACEPEDE, B.G. DE. Histoire Naturelle des Poissons.

Paris, Plassan, an VI-VIII (1798-1800). 2 volumes (of 5). 4to (252 x 195mm). With 45 engraved plates and 1 engraved vignette. Contemporary calf, sp...

EUR 750

LACEPEDE, (B.G.E.). Histoire Naturelle des Quadrupèdes Ovipares et des Serpens. Tome Premier: Histoire Naturelle des Quadrupèdes Ovipares.

Paris, Hôtel de Thou, 1788. 4to (255 x 190mm). pp. 17, (1), 651, with 1 (of 2) large folded tables,1 engraved vignette and 41 engraved plates. Con...

EUR 750

LATREILLE, P.A. Histoire Naturelle, générale et particulière, des Crustacés et des Insectes. Ouvrage faisant suite aux oeuvres de Leclerc de Buffon, et partie du Cours complet d'Histoire Naturelle rédigé par C.S. Sonnini...

Paris, F. Dufart, An X-XIII (1802-1805). 14 volumes. 8vo (217 x 135mm). With 112 engraved plates, almost all coloured apart from a few anatomical p...

EUR 3,800

Leech described many species new to science in the present work

LEECH, H.J. Butterflies from China, Japan, and Corea.

London, R.H. Porter, 1892-1894. 3 volumes. 4to (285 x 220mm). pp. lv, (7), 1-298; (2), 297-681; (4), with 48 (43 chromo-) lithographed plates and 1...

EUR 6,500

LINNAEUS, C. - (HOUTTUYN, M.). Natuurlijke Historie of uitvoerige beschrijving der dieren, planten en mineraalen, volgens het samenstel van den Heer Linnaeus. Eerste deels, vijftiende stuk: DE SCHULPDIEREN.

Amsterdam, Erven van F. Houttuyn, 1771. 8vo (205 x 120mm). pp. (6), 630, (10), with 11 folded engraved plates. Recent half cloth, marbled sides.

EUR 250

describes the famous natural history cabinet of the Swedish Queen

LINNAEUS, C. Museum S(veci)ae R(egin)ae M(ajes)tis Ludovicae Ulricae Reginae Svecorum, Gothorum, Vandalorumque &c. &c. &c. In quo Animalia Rariora, Exotica, imprimis Insecta & Conchilia describuntur &

determinantur prodromi instar editum. Holmiae, L. Salius, 1764. (together with:) Museum ... AdolphiFriderici Regis Svecorum ... in quo Animalia Rar...

EUR 2,800

portraying marine shells from all over the world including shells from Cook's voyage into the Pacific

MARTINI, F.H. & CHEMNITZ, J.H. Neues systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet.

Nürnberg, G.N. Raspe, 1769-1795. 11 volumes (including the Index volume by Schröter). 4to (395 x 235mm). With 1 hand-coloured engraved frontispie...

EUR 35,000

one of the rarest and most important of all shell iconographies

MARTINI, F.H. & CHEMNITZ, J.H. Systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet. Neu hrsg. u. vervollständigt von H.C. Küster. Nach dessen Tode fortges. von Wilh. Kobelt und H.C. Weinkauff.

Nürnberg, Bauer & Raspe, 1837-1920. 23 volumes. 4to (270 x 215mm). With 1533 engraved or lithographed plates almost all finely hand-coloured (5 pl...

EUR 18,000

One of the most beautiful of all shell books, containing exquisite renderings of shells collected on Cook's three voyages

MARTYN, T. The Universal Conchologist, exhibiting the Figure of every known Shell, accurately drawn and painted after Nature: with a new systematic arrangement by the Author ... London,sold at his house no.

16 Great Malborough Street, (1784-) 1789. 2 volumes bound in one. Large 4to (345 x 280mm). With handcoloured engraved frontispiece of a shell withi...

EUR 28,000

MARTYN, W.F. A New Dictionary of Natural Sciences; or, compleat universal display of animated nature. With accurate representations of the most curious and beautiful animals, elegantly coloured.

London, Harrisson, 1785. Folio (360 x 235mm), With 71 (of 100) fine hand-coloured engraved plates and a number of text pages lacking. Worn contempo...

EUR 900

the most attractive work on fruit published in Germany

The colouring is bright and splendid; the fine plates were drawn and engraved by the author himself, who was a miniature-painter, engraver and art-dealer at Nürnberg

Philip Miller, called by Linnaeus 'the greatest gardener of his time', was director of the Chelsea Gardens

only work on herbals ever made which shows the original leaves together with an excellent bibliography

NISSEN, C. Kräuterbücher aus fünf Jahrhunderten. 50 Orginalblätter aus deutschen, französischen, niederländischen, englischen, italienischen und Schweizer Kräuterbüchern.

Mit historischer Einleitung und Bibliographie. München/ Robert Wölfle, Zürich/ l'Art Ancien, Olten/Weiss-Hesse, 1956. Folio (500 x 360mm). With ...

EUR 2,500

OBERTHÜR, C. Études d'Entomologie. Deuxième livraison: NOUVEAUX LÉPIDOPTÈRES DE LA CHINE.

Rennes, Imp. Oberthür et fils, 1876. 8vo (300 x 205mm). pp. 34, with 4 lithographed plates. Publisher's printed wrappers.

EUR 850

Its fine plates, depicting thousands of various species of Coleoptera

OLIVIER, G.A. Entomologie, ou histoire naturelle des Insectes, avec leurs caractères génériques et spécifiques, leur description, leur synonymie et leur figure enluminée. COLÉOPTÈRES.

Paris, Baudouin/ Lanneau, 1789-1795. Volumes 1-3 (of 6). Large-4to (297 x 240mm). With 1 colour-printed engraved frontispiece and 190 hand-coloured...

EUR 6,000

PANZER, G.W.F. Kritische Revision der Insektenfaune Deutschlands nach dem System bearbeitet. I-XCVI Heft. I. Baendchen.

Nürnberg, in der Felseckerschen Buchhandlung, 1805. Small-8vo (175 x 105mm). pp. (16), 144. Contempoarary green boards. And: PANZER, G.W.F. Deutsc...

EUR 800

The zoological atlas of this famous expedition

PETIT-THOUARS, A. DU. Voyage autour du Monde sur la Frégrate la Vénus pendant les années 1836-1839. Atlas de Zoologie.

Paris, Gide & Cie, 1846. Folio (540 x 355mm). With 75 engraved plates of which 70 beautifully hand-coloured. Later green cloth, gilt lettered spine.

EUR 7,500

von dem immer noch geschätzten und zu einem Rarissimum gewordenen Werk von L. Pfeiffer und F. Otto

PFEIFFER, L. & OTTO, F.120 Abbildung und Beschreibung blühender Cacteen. Figures des Cactées en fleur peintes et lithographiées d'après nature.

Cassel, T. Fischer, (1838-)1843-1850. 2 volumes (bound in 1). Large-4to (330 x 260mm). With 60 partly hand-coloured lithographed plates and explana...

EUR 5,000

Classic works by "the father of forest entomology"

the beautifully handcoloured plates were drawn and engraved by the famous Swiss artist J.R. Schellenberg

ROEMER, J.J. Genera Insectorum Linnaei et Fabricii iconibus illustrata.

Vitoduri Helvetorum, H. Steiner et Socios, 1789. 4to (267 x 220mm). pp. viii, 86, (4), with 1 hand-coloured engraved title-vignette and 37 (36 hand...

EUR 6,500

the first modern work on tropical fauna

RUMPHIUS, G.E. Thesaurus imaginum Piscium Testaceorum; Quales sunt Cancri, Echini, Echinometra, Stellae Marinae,&c. ut et Conchlearum...

Hagae, P. de Hondt, 1739. Folio (400 x 245mm). pp. (4), 14, 8, with engraved title, engraved portrait of Rumphius and 60 engraved plates. Contempor...

EUR 4,500

highly finished watercolours of the fungi of the Loire valley

SÉJOURNÉ, A. Champignons des environs de Blois.

Blois circa 1880. 2 volumes. Folio (360 x 270mm). A collection of 161 very fine watercolours of mushrooms of the Blois area (Loire valley). Loose i...

EUR 12,000

G.B. Sowerby (2nd) was the most gifted draughtsman of shells of the Sowerby family

SOWERBY, G.B. The Conchological Illustrations [or coloured figures of all the hitherto unfigured shells].

London, Sowerby, 1832-1841. 8vo (212 x 135mm). With 200 beautifully hand-coloured engraved plates and descriptive text. Contemporary red half moroc...

EUR 5,000

rare treatise on the culture of citrus fruit in the Low Countries

STERBEECK, F. VAN. Citricultura oft Regeringhe der uythemsche Boomen en te weten Oranien, Citroenen, Limoenen, Granaten, Laurieren en Andere...

Antwerpen, J. Jacops, 1682. 4to (210 x 160mm). pp. (xl), 1-74, (2), 75-296 (26), with engraved frontispiece, engraved coat-of-arms on inserted leaf...

EUR 4,500

the first separate general work on fungi, describing edible and poisonous varieties

Valentini's 'Museum of museums', is a comprehensive survey of European Wunder-Kunst- & Schatzkammern

VALENTINI, M.B. Historia simplicium reformata, Musei Museorum titulo antehâc in Vernaculâ edita... Accedit India Literata.

Francofurti ad Moenum, Officina Zunneriana, 1716. Folio (350 x 215mm). 2 parts bound in one. pp. (26), 664, (16), engraved title-vignette and 30 (s...

EUR 4,500

VILLERS, C. DE. Nomenclator Iconum Entomologiae Linneanae.

(Lyon 1789). 4to. 12 folded engraved plates, each with a folded explanatory text leaf. Contemporaryhalf calf, gilt ornamented spine in 6 compartmen...

EUR 950

Madame Henriette Vincent (1786-1830) pupil of Van Spaendonck and Redouté

VINCENT, H.A. Collection de 24 Bouquets de Fleurs. Dessinés et gravés d'après nature...

Paris, chez l'éditeur, 1835. 4to (280 x 210mm). With a fine pictorial title and 24 plates, all stipple engravings, printed in colour with extensiv...

EUR 8,000

The 2 fine plates are by Leitner after Gedan and show shells from New Zealand, New Holland, Falklands and Straits of Magellan

ZORN VON PLOBSHEIM, F.A. Beschreibung der auf den Tafeln No. I und II abgebildeten Conchylien, nebst dem Verzeichniss aller derjenigen sogenannten südländischen Conchylien, die in der gesellschaftlichen Sammlung befindlich sind.

Danzig, Wedel, 1778. 4to (232 x 195mm). pp. 247-288, with 2 fine hand-coloured engraved plates. Contemporary calf, richly gilt decorates spine, wit...

EUR 4,800