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noble in conception and impressive in execution

Only 116 copies were subscribed and probably 130 copies were printed

ANSLIJN, N. Afbeelding der Artsenij-Gewassen, welke in de Nederlandsche Apotheek als zoodanige vermeld zijn. Naar de beste Uitlandsche Afbeeldingen geteekend en op steen gebragt.

Leyden, Du Mortier en Zoon, 1832-1838. 4 volumes bound in two. Folio (340 x 240mm). With 265 fine handcoloured lithographed plates. Contemporary ha...

EUR 6,800

The beautiful plates are by W. Fitch, probably the most renowned botanical artist of the Victorian era

BATEMAN, J. A Second Century of Orchidaceous Plants.

Selected from the subjects published in 'Curtis' Botanical Magazine since the issue of the 'First Century'. London, L. Reeve & Co., 1867. Large-4to...

EUR 6,200

In all fairness, it must be added that each species treated... was skillfully and fully described, and Bergeret's illustrations were exceptionally good

the finest natural history encyclopaedia ever made for children

The first major work on the orchids of the Dutch East Indies and Japan

BLUME, C.L. Collection des Orchidées les plus remarquables de l'Archipel Indien et du Japon.

Ouvrage dédié à sa Majesté Guillaume I Roi de Wurtemberg. Amsterdam, C.G. Sulpke, 1858. Folio (454 x 290mm). pp. (6), vi, 190, with hand-colour...

EUR 8,000

A magnificent work on the flora of the Dutch East Indies

BLUME, C.L. Flora Javae nec non insularum adjacentium ... adjutore J.B. Fischer.

Bruxellis, J. Frank, 1828 (-1851). 10 parts, preserved in 4 folding boxes. Folio (448 x 285mm). With 1 frontispiece and 238 lithographed plates of ...

EUR 14,000

early botanical album, displaying exotics, perennials and garden flowers in full bloom

BOTANICAL MANUSCRIPT. A mid-17th century German Flower manuscript with 118 watercolours brightly painted in gouache on 117 leaves.

(Saxony ca. 1650). Folio (315 x 200mm). Contemporary vellum, upper cover with gilt lettered monograph H. H. and Date 1665.

EUR 30,000

one of the most beautiful German florilegia illustrating numerous exotic and unusual plants

BRY, J.T. DE. Anthologia Meriana CXV. continens plantarum, florum maxime, egregie sculptas tabulas, addito indice, in quo tum antiquiora illarum, tum etiam Linnaeana occurrunt nomina. Editio nova.

Francofurti et Lipsaie, apud Joann. Georg. Fleischer, 1776. Folio (353 x 227mm). pp. 6, with 115 (4folded) engraved plates. Contemporary vellum, sp...

EUR 29,000

one of the most interesting colour-printed natural history works

BULLIARD, P. Herbier de la France, ou Collection complette des Plantes Indigènes de ce Royaume; avec leurs détails anatomiques, leurs propriétés, et leurs usages en Médecine.

Paris, chez l'Auteur, Didot Jeune..., 1780-(1793). 15 volumes. Folio (345 x 255mm). With 1 colour-printed frontispiece and 602 colour-printed engra...

EUR 10,000

These superb large plates are based on Bairei's much smaller album of 100 birds (1881), and transformed in this larger format

BUNREI, M. Bunrei Kacho Gafu (Album of drawings of flowers and birds by Bunrei).

Yokohama, Meiji, 18 [1885]. 2 volumes. Folio (355 x 245mm). With 100 full-page coloured woodblock printed plates of which 32 double-page. In origi...

EUR 2,800

BURBIDGE, F.W. The Narcissus: its history and culture with coloured plates and descriptions of all known species and principal varieties. To which is added, by kind permission, a scientificreview of the entire genus, By J.G. Baker.

London, L. Reeve, 1875. 8vo (245 x 170mm). pp. xvi, 95, with 48 handcoloured lithographed plates. Contemporary red cloth, spine with gilt lettering

EUR 800

the first illustrated flora of Ceylon

BURMAN, J. Thesaurus Zeylanicus exhibens Plantas in Insula Zeylana nascentes; Inter quas plurimae novae species, & genera inveniuntur. Omnia Iconibus illustrata, ac descripta.

Amstelaedami, apud Janssonio-Waesbergios, & Salomonem Schouten, 1737. 4to (265 x 213 mm). pp. (16),235, (1), (14), (4), 33, (1), with an engraved ...

EUR 3,000

his drawings of botanical details have rarily been surpassed

CANDOLLE, A.P. DE. Icones Plantarum Galliae Rariorum nempè incertarum aut nondum delineatarum. Fasciculus I, cum tabulis 50 aeneis.

Paris, (H. Agasse & Bernard), 1808. Folio (335 x 255mm). pp. viii, 16 with 50 engraved plates by Turpin (some by Poiteau) and engraved by Plée and...

EUR 1,800

A unique work on the flowers of Carniola, which comprises parts of present-day Slovenia

CARNIOLA (KRAIN)- FLOWERS OF CARNIOLA. BOTANICAL WATERCOLOURS A collection of watercolours of local flora made for presentation to Franz Joseph I, to celebrate 600 years of Habsburg rule of Carniola.

Folio (550 x 390mm). 30 sheets of original watercolours by ? A. Guaiz, the first with the arms of the Duchy of Carniola (Krain) surmounted by the i...

EUR 18,000

The colouring of this copy is particularly fine using gouache and watercolours

CARRICHTER, B. Horn des heyls menschlicher blödigkeit. Oder Kreütterbuch darinn die Kreütter des Teutschen lands ausz dem Liecht der Natur nach rechter art der himmelischen einfliessungen beschiben. Durch Philomusum Anonymum...

Strassburg, C. Müller, 1576. Folio (305 x 195mm). ff. (14, one blank), 188, (13), with 58 contemporary hand-coloured woodcuts. Contemporary limp v...

EUR 12,000

CASSONE, F. Flora Medico-Farmaceutica compilata dal dottore in medicina e chirurgia Felice Cassone.

Torino, Tipografia di Giuseppe Cassone, 1847-1852. 6 volumes. Royal-8vo (230 x 150mm). pp. xxxv, 364; 391; 392; 383; 414; 394, with 600 fine handco...

EUR 5,000

rare work on all aspects of the lily

CHIFFLET, J.J. Lilium Francicum, veritate historica, botanica, et heraldica illustratum.

Antverpiae, ex Officina Plantiniana Balthasaris Moreti, 1658. Folio (310 x 210mm). pp. (iv), 143, (3), with 16 engravings in the text. Contemporary...

EUR 4,900

Stafleu lists only one complete copy in the United States

CIRILLO, D. Plantarum Rariorum Regni Neapolitani Fasciculus Primus.

Neapoli 1788. Folio (375 x 245mm). pp. xxxix, (i), with woodcut vignette on title and 12 fine handcoloured engraved plates drawn by the author. Rec...

EUR 3,900

Important because of the first description of a number of South African plants

COMMELIN, C. Praeludia botanica ad publicas Plantarum Exoticarum demonstrationes dicta in Horto medico, cum demonstrationes exoticarum 3 Octobris 1701, & 29 Maji 1702....

Leyden, Joh. du Vivie, 1715. 4to (260 x 205mm). pp. (viii), 85, (1), with 33 engraved plates. Contemporary vellum, gilt lettered spine.

EUR 2,500

The impressive 'Flora Londinensis' is much more comprehensive in scope than its title suggests, for it embraces most of the English flora

CURTIS, W. Flora Londinensis: containing a history of the Plants indigenous to Great Britain, illustrated by figures of the natural size.

A new edition, enlarged by George Graves and William Jackson Hooker. London, Henry G. Bohn, [1817-]1835. 5 volumes. Large-folio (481 x 290mm). With...

EUR 15,000

the early years of this famous and beautifully illustrated magazine

CURTIS, W. The Botanical Magazine; or, Flower-Garden displayed: in which the most ornamental foreign plants, cultivated in the open ground, the green-house, and the stove, are accurately represented in their natural colours...

London, S. Couchman, 1793-1814. 40 volumes, bound in 20. 8vo (235 x 140mm). With 1684 fine hand-coloured engraved plates. Contemporary uniform red ...

EUR 20,000

CURTUS, F. Ad vivium exprimebat.

Bologna, Guiseppe Longhi and Franciscus Curtus, c.1644. Small folio (275 x 200mm). With engraved title within a garland of flowers and ribbons, 31 ...

EUR 18,000

Dr. Sam Segal believes this work by Justus Danckerts is the first edition and predates the edition by Vauquer

DANCKERTS, J. Livres de Fleurs.

Amsterdam, c. 1680. Oblong small folio (350 x 190mm). Engraved title within a garland of flowers arranged on a pillar, and 9 engraved plates of bou...

EUR 15,000

Bulbous plants predominate (daffodils, narcissi, jonquils, tulips, blue-bells, lilies and fritillaries)

DELAFLEUR,N.G. [Florilegium], Nicolaus Guillelmus a florae Lotharingus. Fecit Romae 1638.

[Paris], Pierre Mariette, 1638. Small oblong 4to (190 x 290mm). Engraved throughout, title-portraitwithin border of flowers, 12 plates of flowers, ...

EUR 10,000

the most important book to be published in England during the eighteenth century on the plant growing in a private garden

DILLENIUS, J.J. Horti Elthamensis plantarum rariorum icones et nomina Joh. Jac. Dillenio, M.D. descriptarum Elthami in Cantio, in Horto... Jacobi Sherard... additis denominationibus Linnaeanis.

Lugduni Batavorum, C. Haak, 1774. 2 volumes (bound in one). Folio (404 x 260mm). Leaves (6); 1, with 325 etched plates. New full mottled calf, spin...

EUR 13,000

the most important book to be published in England during the eighteenth century on the plant growing in a private garden

DILLENIUS, J.J. Horti Elthamensis plantarum rariorum icones et nomina Joh. Jac. Dillenio, M.D. descriptarum Elthami in Cantio, in Horto... Jacobi Sherard... additis denominationibus Linnaeanis.

Lugduni Batavorum, C. Haak, 1774. 2 volumes (bound in one). Folio (410 x 250mm). Leaves (6); 1, with engraved frontspiece portrait and 325 etched p...

EUR 13,000

Nissen in his publication 'Die botanische Buchillustration' speaks highly of him 'seine Tafeln... verdienen volles Lob'.

DREVES, J.F. & HAYNE, F.G. Choix de Plantes d'Europe, décrites et dessinées d'après nature.

Leipzig, Voss et Compagnie, 1802. 5 volumes. 4to (295 x 230mm). pp. xii, 40; xii, 44; xii, 44; xii,40; x, 38, with 125 fine hand-coloured engraved ...

EUR 4,200

botanical subjects by the famous Italian artists Guido Reni, A.M. Variana, and P. Cortona

FERRARI, G.B. Flora ouero Cultura di Fiori.

Distinta in Quattro Libri e trasportata dalla lingua Latina nell'Italiana ... Roma, P.A. Facciotti,1638. Small-4to (225 x 165mm). pp. (12), 520, (2...

EUR 2,500

'thanks to you the Australian Orchidaceae are now better known than those of any country out of Europe'

FITZGERALD, R.D. Australian Orchids.

Sydney, Charles Potter, (1875-) 1882 (-94). 12 parts comprising 2 volumes, bound in one. Folio (470x 310 mm). With 119 (10 double-page) lithographe...

EUR 5,000

the most extensive representation of the Scandinavian flora

The illustrations of the "Flore des Serres" depict flowers and plants for sale in the van Houtte's nursery; exotic plants figure extensively

FLORE DES SERRES ET DES JARDINS DE L'EUROPE, ou descriptions des plantes les plus rares et les plus méritantes ... Rédigé par C. Lemaire e.a.

Gand, van Houtte, 1845-1880. 23 volumes. Royal-8vo (240 x 155mm). With over 2500, nearly all coloured plates. Contemporary brown half calf, spines ...

EUR 15,000

The plates of the present work are all engraved by Garsault

a rare privately printed flower book

GLEADALL, E. E. The Beauties of Flora with botanic and poetic illustrations, being a selection of flowers drawn from nature, arranged emblematically with directions for colouring them.

Heath Hall near Wakefield, E.E. Gleadall, 1834-36. 2 volumes. 4to (335 x 250mm). With 2 hand-coloured lithographed titles and 41 hand-coloured lith...

EUR 7,000

Of all his work, this is his most graceful fantasy

GRANDVILLE, J.J. Les Fleurs Animées. Texte par Alph. Karr, Taxile Delord & Le Cte Foelix. Nouvelle édition.

Paris, Garnier Frères, 1867. 2 volumes. Royal 8vo (265 x 170mm). pp. (2), 339, (5); (2), 321, (5), with 2 handcoloured lithographed frontispieces,...

EUR 850

HASSHU GAFU. [Collection of Eight Ming Picture Albums] Toshi Gogon, Baichiku Rangiku, Mokuhon Kacho, Sohon Kashi, Kokon Gafu, Meiko Senfu, Toshi Rokugon, Toshi Shichigon.

Kyoto, Nakagawa Mohee, 1710. 8 volumes. 8vo (282 x 195mm). With 421 full-page woodblock illustrations of which 213 are related to natural history. ...

EUR 20,000

One of the finest German works on medical plants

HAYNE, F.G. Getreue Darstellung und Beschreibung der in der Arzneykunde gebräuchlichen Gewächse, wie auch solcher, welche mit ihnen verwechselt werden können.

Berlin, auf Kosten des Verfassers (& Nicolai'sche Buchhandlung), 1805-1837. 13 volumes (bound in 6). 4to (273 x 230mm). With 1 lithographed portrai...

EUR 9,800

the greatest and largest botanical publication of the eighteenth century

One of the very few copies with superb gouache handcolouring of the plates

one of the principal sources of seventeenth century still life painting

[HOEFNAGEL, J.] SADELER, J. [Archetypa Studiaque Patris Georgio Hoefnagelii]. Venetiis, aput Iust. Sadeler, circa 1614.

A suite of 38 engravings (145 x 210mm) after Hoefnagel's 'Archetypa'. Old boards.

EUR 12,000

It was produced by Count Hoffmannsegg, contemporary of Redouté, whose work it rivals

HOFFMANNSEGG, J.C. & H.F. LINK. Flore Portugaise ou description de toutes les plantes qui croissent naturellement en Portugal.

Berlin, Charles Fréderic Amelang for the authors, 1809-1820 (-1840). Folio (485 x 335mm, 2 text vols & 525 x 355mm, atlas). 22 parts bound in 3 vo...

EUR 7,500

HOFFMANNSEGG, J.C. & H.F. LINK. Flore Portugaise ou description de toutes les plantes qui croissent naturellement en Portugal.

Berlin, Charles Fréderic Amelang for the authors, 1809-1820. Vol. I (Atlas). Folio (520 x 345mm). 30 stipple engraved plates, printed in colours a...

EUR 850

HOFFMANNSEGG, J.C. & H.F. LINK. Flore Portugaise ou description de toutes les plantes qui croissent naturellement en Portugal.

Berlin, Charles Fréderic Amelang for the authors, 1809-1820. Vol. I (Atlas). Folio (540 x 360mm). With printed floral wrapper to the 14th part and...

EUR 1,000

The original drawings for the present work were done by native artists

HOOKER, J.D. Illustrations of Himalayan plants.

London, L. Reeve, 1855. Folio (508 x 380mm). With 1 pictorial handcoloured lithographed title and 24 handcoloured lithographed plates, each with an...

EUR 19,000

it contains descriptions and plates of many of the best garden Rhododendron species which can be grown in this country

it contains descriptions and plates of many of the best garden Rhododendron species which can be grown in this country

The plates are very much in the 'Jacquin' style, elegantly engraved and highly coloured in watercolours and bodycolours

HOST, N.T. Salix.

Vienna, Typis viduae Antonii Strauss, 1828. Large folio (485 x 340mm). pp. (x), 34, with 105 fine hand-coloured engraved plates. Contemporary marbl...

EUR 21,000

A very rare work by Joseph Franz, son of and botanical successor to Nikolaus Joseph Jacquin

JACQUIN, J.F (Baron von). Eclogae Plantarum Rariorum aut minus cognitarum.... Graminum (Fasciculus Primus-Quartus).

Vienna, Anton Strauss for the author, 1813-1820. 4 parts bound in two. Folio (488 x 345mm). pp. 64,with 40 fine handcoloured engraved plates. Conte...

EUR 12,000

(JAUFFRET, L.F.). La Corbeille de Fleurs, ouvrage de Botanique et de Littérature, ... Et de douze Romances gravées avec Accompagnement de Piano... destiné aux jeunes demoiselles.

Paris, Ferra/ Genève, Sestié, 1819. 8vo (212 x 130 mm). pp. (2), viii, 384, with 24 fine engravedplates by Prêtre and 13 folded engravings of ...

EUR 1,500

French artists such as Jaume St. Hilaire, Bessa, Turpin and Redouté rose almost immediately to world pre-eminence

JAUME SAINT-HILAIRE, J.H. La Flore et la Pomone Françaises, ou histoire et figure en couleur, des fleurs et des fruits de France ou naturalisés sur le sol français.

Paris, chez l'auteur, 1828 (-1835). 4 volumes. Royal-8vo (260 x 170mm). With 540 (of 544) fine engraved plates printed in colours with handfinishin...

EUR 5,800

The rare 4to issue printed on 'Velin'.

JAUME SAINT-HILAIRE, J.H. La Flore et la Pomone Françaises, ou histoire et figure en couleur, des fleurs et des fruits de France ou naturalisés sur le sol français.

Paris, chez l'auteur, 1828-1833 (-1835). 5 volumes. 4to (270 x 210mm). With 544 fine engraved plates by the author, printed in colours with hand-fi...

EUR 6,500

profusely illustrated flora of France

JAUME SAINT-HILAIRE, J.H. Plantes de la France, décrites et peintes d'après nature.

Paris, chez l'Auteur, 1819-22. 10 volumes. Royal-8vo (257 x 200mm). With 10 lithographed portraits of botanists and 1000 fine stipple engraved plat...

EUR 14,000

The drawings? are also admirable, and from a botanical point of view beyond praise

JORDAN, A. & J. FOURREAU. Icones ad floram Europae novo fundamento instaurandam spectantes.

Paris, Savy, 1866-1903. 3 volumes. Folio (400 x 305mm). With 501 finely hand-coloured engraved plates. Contemporary uniform half calf, spines in 5 ...

EUR 15,000

KERNER, J.S. Abbildung aller Oekonomischen Pflanzen. Siebenter Band.

Stuttgart, gedruckt in der Herzoglichen Buchdrukerei, 1794. 4to (290 x 235mm). With hand-coloured engraved title vignette and 100 fine hand-coloure...

EUR 1,000

It included 456 species, of which 108 were new to science, and 270 genera of plants

the most beautiful flora of the Netherlands

KOPS, J. Flora Batava, afgebeeld door en van wegens J.C. Sepp en zoon; beschreven door Jan Kops.

Amsterdam, Leiden, Haarlem, s'Gravenhage, J.C. Sepp en Zoon, and others, (1800)-1920. Volumes 1-25 (of 28) & 1 index volume. 4to (295 x 240mm). Wit...

EUR 18,500

he persuaded the young Redouté to make fifty-four drawings for his 'magnum opus'

L'HERITIER DE BRUTELLE, C.-L. Stirpes novae, aut minus cognitae, quas descriptionibus et iconibus illustravit.

Parisiis, P.-D. Pierres, 1784-1785. 6 parts (bound in one volumes). Folio (504 x 340mm). With titles to all 6 parts and 91 (2 double-page) engraved...

EUR 16,000

Linden was the first to search the mountainous regions diligently for his orchids

LINDEN, J.P. Pescatorea. Iconographie des Orchidées. Avec la collaboration de J.E. Planchon, M.G. Reichenbach, G. Luddemann. Premier volume (all published).

Bruxelles, M. Hayez, 1860. Folio (450 x 330mm). pp. (vi), with 48 beautifully handcoloured lithographed plates, each plate with an explanatory leaf...

EUR 9,000

one of the rarest iconographies published on Orchids

LINDENIA. ICONOGRAPHIE DES ORCHIDEES. edited by L. Linden (J. Linden & E. Rodigas a.o.).

Ghent/ Bruxelles 1855-1903. 17 volumes. Folio (350 x 260 mm). With 798 chromolithographed plates and 1 plain plate. Contemporary half cloth, gilt l...

EUR 38,000

One of the finest orchid books ever published

LINDLEY, J. Sertum Orchidaceum: A Wreath of the Most Beautiful Orchidaceous Flowers.

London, James Ridgway and Sons, (1837-) 1838 (-41). Folio (545 x 360mm). pp. (xiv, 78), with a handcoloured lithographed frontispiece, dedication t...

EUR 20,000

damit hatte Berlin den artenreichsten wissenschaftlichen Garten in Europa

LINK, H.F., KLOTZSCH, F. & OTTO, F. (Eds.). Icones Plantarum Rariorum Horti Regii Botanici Berolinensis.

Abbildungen seltener Pflanzen des Königl. botanischen Gartens zu Berlin. Erster (-Zweiter) Jahrgang(all published!). Berlin, Veit & Co., 1841/Nico...

EUR 3,500

the first botanical book illustrated with colour-printed plates

MARTYN, J. Historia Plantarum Rariorum. Centuriae primae Decas 1-4 (of 5).

London, R. Reily, 1728 (-1737?). Folio (515 x 355 mm). pp. (6), iv, 42, including the engraved dedication leaf to the Royal Society, title printed ...

EUR 9,000

the most attractive work on fruit published in Germany

rightly famous for its large decorative plates showing flowers only

the De Luxe issue with 2 engravings, occasionally one, printed on one leaf instead of 4 in the regular edition

rare suite of very beautiful bouquets in ornamental vases with grotesques

MESSAGER, J. (ca. 1580 - Paris - 1649) & PICQUET, J. (Troyes ca. 1600 - ca. 1650 Paris). Series of six copper engravings of floral bouquets in vases.

[Paris, 1620s]. 245 x 175 mm. Half calf, gilt spine with floral ornaments and red gilt lettered label, marbled boards.

EUR 8,400

Philip Miller, called by Linnaeus 'the greatest gardener of his time', was director of the Chelsea Gardens

The only other copy known is in the British Museum

NOVÆ FLORUM ICONES Hujus generis atrium cultoribus perutiles, maximâ curâ deliniatæ, et tabulis æneis incisæ. Ex Officina Nicol: Visscher.

A series of 16 copper engravings, numbered lower right, 257 x 175 mm, within the borders c. 229 x 146 mm.

EUR 7,500

The very fine illustrations depict flowers and fruit growing in the Netherlands

OTTOLANDER, K.J.W., KOSTER, A. & DE VOS, C. (Eds.). Nederlandsche Flora en Pomona, beschreven en uitgegeven door het Bestuur der Pomologische Vereeniging te Boskoop. Met platen naar de natuur geteekend door A.J. Wendel

Groningen, J.B. Wolters, 1879. 2 volumes. Folio (320 x 250 mm). pp. ix, xii , (4), 235, with 81 chromolithograped plates of fruit and flowers. Publ...

EUR 3,800

PAXTON'S FLOWER GARDEN. By John Lindley and Joseph Paxton.

London, Bradbury & Evans, 1850-1853. 3 volumes. 4to (258 x 202mm). pp. iv, 194; 186; 178, with 105 (of 108) fine handcoloured lithographed plates ...

EUR 1,000

beautifully illustrated periodical


London, W.S. Orr & Smith, 1834-1849. 16 volumes. Royal-8vo. With 717 (25 doublepage) fine handcoloured plates of flowers, 6 plates (5 coloured) of ...

EUR 14,000

von dem immer noch geschätzten und zu einem Rarissimum gewordenen Werk von L. Pfeiffer und F. Otto

PFEIFFER, L. & OTTO, F.120 Abbildung und Beschreibung blühender Cacteen. Figures des Cactées en fleur peintes et lithographiées d'après nature.

Cassel, T. Fischer, (1838-)1843-1850. 2 volumes (bound in 1). Large-4to (330 x 260mm). With 60 partly hand-coloured lithographed plates and explana...

EUR 5,000

PHILIBERT, J.C. Exercises de Botanique, à l'usage des commençans.

Paris, Bossange, Masson et Besson, 1801. 2 volumes. 8vo (270 x 140mm). pp. (4), 1-234; (4), 235-438, with 157 fine hand-coloured engraved plates. ...

EUR 1,600

A very unusual long botanical scroll, showing 62 different species, each depiction of a plant

PLANTS OF WESTERN JAPAN. (Chûshoto okonomi no bunezu). Japanese exceptionally long horizontal painted scroll (11.5 meters by 26 cm.) showing 62 species of plants of Western Japan.

End 18th or beginning 19th century. Colour painted on mulberry paper, with Japanese calligraphy, mounted on a wooden roller, endpaper decorated wit...

EUR 28,000

A fine copy of noble provenance of the most attractive fruit book ever produced

POITEAU, A. Pomologie française. Recueil des plus beaux Fruits cultivés en France...

Paris, Langlois et Leclercq, 1846. 4 volumes. Folio (413 x 280mm). With three plain and 420 stipple-engraved plates printed in colours and finished...

EUR 135,000

This is a very fine series of floral engravings in the style of Spaendonck, Redouté, Bessa, etc

PREVOST, B.L. Principes et leçons de fleurs.

Paris, Demarteau l'ainé (after 1850). Small-folio (330 x 245mm). With 16 etchings printed in bistre, by Giles Demarteau after crayon drawings by P...

EUR 2,000

the first major Spanish flora written by a Spanish author

QUER Y MARTINEZ, J. Flora Española, ó historia de las Plantas, que se crian en España...

Madrid, Joachin Ibarra, 1762-1784. 6 volumes. 4to (260 x 200 mm). pp. (44), 402; (16), 303; (12), 436; (4), 471, (1); (4), xxxii, 538; (4), 667, wi...

EUR 9,500

the rare first 8vo-edition of the most famous book on roses

REDOUTE, P.J. & THORRY, C.A. Les Roses peintes par P.J. Redouté ... décrites par C.A. Thorry.

Paris, C.L.F. Panckoucke, 1824. 2 volumes. Royal-8vo (235 x 155mm). With 160 colour-printed engraved plates, partly finished by hand. Contemporary ...

EUR 15,000

Perhaps the most impressive French botanical book of the period

REGNAULT, N.F. La Botanique mise à la portée de tout le monde ou collection des plantes d'usage dans la médecine, dans les alimens et dans les arts.

Avec des notices instructives pulsées dans les auteurs les plus célèbres, contenant la description,le climât, la culture, les propriétés et l...

EUR 28,000

H.G. Reichenbach succeeded John Lindley as 'orchid king'

REICHENBACH, H.G. & KRAENZLIN, W.L. Xenia Orchidacea. Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Orchideen.

Leipzig, F.A. Brockhaus, 1858-1900. 3 volumes. 4to (275 x 210mm). pp. x, 246; vii, 232; vi, 192, with 300 (150 partly hand-coloured) copper engravi...

EUR 8,500

The coloured issue is scarce

REICHENBACH, H.G. (Fil.). Die Orchideen der deutschen Flora nebst denen des übrigen Europa, des ganzen russischen Reichs und Algiers also ein Versuch einer Orchideographie Europas.

Leipzig, Friederich Hofmeister, 1851. 4to (265 x 170mm). pp. (4), xii, 240, with 170 engraved plates of which 165 partially handcoloured. Contempo...

EUR 4,500

The rare coloured issue of this extensive and important floristic work

The colouring of the plates is outstanding

REIDER, J.E. VON. Abbildung von fünf und zwanzig und Beschreibung von hundert der neuesten und merkwürdigsten Pelargonien. 1 & 2 Jahrgang.

Nürnberg, in der C.H. Zeh'schen Buchhandlung, 1829-1830. 2 volumes, bound in one. 8vo (205 x 120mm). pp. (6), 130; pp. (2), 168, with 50 fine han...

EUR 1,900

rare botanical work describing one hundred woody plants, with fruit and flowers growing wild in Germany

REITER, I.D. & ABEL, G.F. Abbildung der hundert deutschen wilden Holz-Arten nach dem Numern-Verzeichnis im Forst-Handbuch von F.A.L. von Burgsdorf.

Als eine Beilage zu diesem Werke, heraus gegeben. I.(-IV.) Heft (all published). Stuttgart, gedruktin der Drukerei der Herzoglichen Hohen Karls-Sch...

EUR 6,500

Barlett also speaks with appreciation of the beauty of the illustrations

RENAULME, P. DE. Specimen historiae plantarum. Plantae typis aeneis expressae.

Paris, Hadrianus Beys, 1611. 4to (120 x 176mm). pp. (6), 154, 47, (1), with 25 full page engraved plates. 18th century half vellum, marbled sides ...

EUR 2,500

Rivinius was a pioneer of modern binomial nomenclature

RIVINUS, A.O. Introductio generalis in Rem Herbariam.

Ordines Plantarum quae sunt Flore irregulari. Lipsiae, sumptibus Autoris, C. Güntheri; C. Fleischeri; J.H. Richteri, 1690-1699. 4 parts (bound in ...

EUR 30,000

The plates are meticulously hand-coloured and there are 4 plants shown on each plate

ROQUES, J. Plantes Usuelles, Indigènes et Exotiques, dessinées et coloriées d'après nature, avec la description de leurs caractères distinctifs et de leurs propriétés médicales. Secondeédition.

Paris, chez l'auteur & Hocquart, 1809. 2 volumes. 4to (255 x 190mm). pp. (4), viii, 266; (4), 278, (1, errata) with 133 finely handcoloured engrave...

EUR 2,500

first major work on the Himalayan flora

ROYLE, J.F. Illustrations of the Botany and other branches of the Natural History of the Himalayan mountains and the Flora of Cashmere.

London, W.H. Allen & Co., (1833-) 1839 (-1840). 2 volumes (text & atlas). Folio (370 x 270mm). pp. lxxx, 472; pp. (iv), with 1 aquatint frontispiec...

EUR 8,000

the most important work on hyacinths published in the 18th century

(SAINT SIMON, M.H. DE). Des Jacintes, de leur anatomie, réproduction et culture.

Amsterdam, 1768. 4to (282 x 225mm). pp. (iv), 164, (4), 15, (1), with 10 folding engraved plates [bound up with:] Discours addressé à l'Académie...

EUR 950

The 101 woodcuts are printed from the original blocks of Fuchs 'De Stirpium historia', 1542, the most celebrated herbal ever published

(SCHINZ, S.). Anleitung zu der Pflanzenkenntniss und derselben nützlichsten Anwendung. Mit hundert illuminirten Tafeln.

Zürich, Verlag des Waysenhauses, 1774. Folio (366 x 230mm). pp. 129, (1, blank), 1 leaf of 'Entwurfder Tafeln', title with engraved vignette, 2 ha...

EUR 8,500

SCHULTZ, F.J. Abbildung der inn- und ausländischen Bäume, Stauden und Sträuche, welche in Oesterreich fortkommen.

Volume I-II (instead of III). Wien, R. Sammer, 1792-1808. 2 volumes. Folio (26 x 40,5 cm). With 2 engraved title-vignettes and 218 (instead of 220)...

EUR 7,500

devoted to the native, foreign and exotic trees and shrubs and splendidly executed in the tradition of the Austrian Golden Period of botanical book illustration

Gems of the flora and fauna of Lombardy, including native and exotic species which have lived there

SCOPOLI, I.A. Deliciae Florae et Faunae Insubricae seu novae, aut minus cognitae species plantarum et animalium quas in Insubria Austriaca tam spontaneas, quam exoticas vidit, descripsit, et aeri incidi curavit Ioannes Antonius Scopoli.

Ticini, ex typographia Reg. & Imp. Monasterii S. Salvatoris, 1786-1788. 3 parts (bound in 1 volume). Folio (422 x 280mm). pp. (2), ix, 85; (4), 115...

EUR 12,000

Species illustrated and described include three from the Cape, two from Mauritius, and several from Jamaica

SMITH, J.E. Icones Pictae Plantarum Rariorum, descriptionibus et observationibus illustratae ... Coloured Figures of Rare Plants, illustrated with Descriptions and Observations.

London 1790-(1793). 3 parts. Folio. With 18 handcoloured engraved plates by James Sowerby. Contemporary half calf, a little rubbed and some repairs.

EUR 3,000

SONNINI, C.S. Traité des Asclépiades, particulièrement de l'Asclépiade de Syrie; précédé de quelques observations sur la culture du coton en France.

Paris, F. Buisson, 1810. 8vo (210 x 133mm). pp. (2), 146, with 2 handcoloured folded engraved plates. Recent red half morocco, spine with gilt lett...

EUR 1,200

The colouring of plates is to a high standard

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