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The delicately handcoloured plates depict 299 insects

BARBUT, J. The Genera Insectorum of Linnaeus, exemplified by various specimens of English Insects drawn from nature./ Les Genres des Insectes de Linné; constatés par divers échantillonsd'Insects d'Angleterre copiés d'après nature.

Londres, J.Dixwell ..., 1781. 4to (280 x 225mm). pp. (4), xvii, (3), 371, (20), with 1 engraved frontispiece, 20 (1 folded) finely hand-coloured en...

EUR 1,000

The engraved plates show 123 figures, mostly shells

BRANDER, G. Fossilia Hantoniensia collecta, et in Musaeo Britannico deposita.

Londini 1766. 4to (270 x 215mm). pp. (2), vi, 43, with 9 engraved plates and 1 engraved title vignette. Contemporary marbled boards, later half cal...

EUR 1,800

Every shell, as far as possible, has been drawn from Nature, and generally from the largest and most beautiful specimens

BROWN, T. Illustrations of the recent Conchology of Great Britain and Ireland, with the description and localities of all the species, marine, land, and fresh-water.

Second edition, greatly enlarged. London, Smith, Elder, and Co., (1844). Folio (315 x 255mm). pp. xiii, (1), 144, with 62 hand-coloured engraved pl...

EUR 1,500

CAMBRIDGE, O.P. The spiders of Dorset, with an appendix containing short descriptions of those British species not yet found in Dorsetshire.

From the "Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club". Edited by J. Buckman. Sherborne, L.H. Ruegg, 1879. 8vo. pp. xlii, ...

EUR 450

The number published of the 'Illustrations of British Fungi' must have been very small as there were only 70 subscribers in Britain

COOKE, M.C. Illustrations of British Fungi (Hymenomycetes), to serve as an atlas to the "Handbook of British Fungi". London, Williams and Norgate, 1881-1891. 8 volumes.

Royal-8vo (228 x 145mm). With 1198 chromolithographed plates. Uniformly bound in green half calf, spines with gilt lettering.

EUR 4,500

COSTA, E.M. DA. Historia Naturalis Testaceorum Britanniae, or, the British Conchology; containing the descriptions and other particulars of natural history of the shells of Great Britain andIreland.

La Conchologie Britannique. London, printed for the Author..., 1778. 4to. pp. xii, (2), 254, viii, with 17 engraved plates. Recent half brown moroc...

EUR 1,400

The impressive 'Flora Londinensis' is much more comprehensive in scope than its title suggests, for it embraces most of the English flora

CURTIS, W. Flora Londinensis: containing a history of the Plants indigenous to Great Britain, illustrated by figures of the natural size.

A new edition, enlarged by George Graves and William Jackson Hooker. London, Henry G. Bohn, [1817-]1835. 5 volumes. Large-folio (481 x 290mm). With...

EUR 15,000

DONOVAN, E. The Natural History of British Insects; explaining them in their several states, with the periods of their transformations ... together with the history of such minute insects as require investigation by the microscope.

London, printed for the author, (1813) 1794-1813. 16 volumes, bound in 8. Royal-8vo (245 x 155mm). With 576 engraved plates of which 569 beautifull...

EUR 7,000

FORBES, E. & HANLEY, S. A history of British Mollusca, and their shells.

London, J. van Voorst, 1853. 4 volumes. Royal-8vo. pp. lxxx, 486; viii, 557, (1); x, 616; vi, 301, (1), with 203 lithographed plates. Original clot...

EUR 1,300

A fine and beautifully bound copy of the most splendid work on the birds of Great Britain

GOULD, J. The Birds of Great Britain.

London, Taylor and Francis by the Author, [1862] - 1873. 5 volumes. Folio (545 x 370mm). With 367 fine hand-coloured lithographed plates, many heig...

EUR 85,000

Greville (1794-1866) was a Scottish mycologist and made important contributions to Scottish mycology

GREVILLE, R.K. Scottish Cryptogamic Flora, or coloured figures and descriptions of cryptogamic plants, belonging chiefly to the order Fungi; and intended to serve as a continuation of English botany.

Edinburgh, Maclachlan & Stewart, 1823-1828. 6 volumes. Royal-8vo (240 x 150mm). With 360 fine hand-coloured engraved plates and descriptive text. C...

EUR 3,200

JEFFREYS, J.G. British Conchology, or an account of the Mollusca which now inhabit the British Isles and the surrounding seas.

London, J. van Voorst, 1904-1869. 5 volumes. 8vo (195 x 125mm). pp. cxiv, 341; xiv, 465; 393; 486; 258, with 147 (107 handcoloured) engraved and li...

EUR 900

This contains a number of plates of beetles, some very splendid

MARTYN, T. The English Entomologist, exhibiting all the Coleopterous Insects found in England; including upwards of 500 different Species, the Figures which have never before been givento the Public.

The whole accurately drawn & painted after Nature, Arranged and named according to the Linnaean System. London, His Academy for Illustrating and pa...

EUR 2,200

This contains a number of plates of beetles, some very splendid

MONTAGU, G. Testacea Britannica ou Histoire Naturelle des Coquilles marines, fluviatiles et terrestres d'Angleterre.

Ouvrage traduit de l'Anglais. Paris, A. Franck, 1846. Royal-8vo (250 x 165mm). pp. xix, 364, with 14 lithographed plates. Publisher's printed boards.

EUR 700

The first coloured illustrations of birds in a book which attempted to list and portray all the British species, many of them life-size

PENNANT, T. The British Zoology, Class I. Quadrupeds.

II. Birds. Published under the inspection of the Cymmrodion Society, instituted for the Promoting Useful Charities, and the Knowledge of Nature, am...

EUR 48,000

The most attractive illustrated English work on mycology

SOWERBY, J. Coloured figures of English Fungi or Mushrooms.

London, printed by J. Davis and sold by the Author, 1797-1803, (1815). 3 volumes. Folio (320 x 200mm). With 440 hand-coloured engraved plates on 43...

EUR 16,000

The most attractive illustrated English work on mycology

SOWERBY, J. Coloured figures of English Fungi or Mushrooms.

London, printed by J. Davis and sold by the Author, 1797-1803, (1815). 3 volumes, bound in 2. Folio(320 x 200mm). With 440 hand-coloured engraved p...

EUR 12,000

one of the most attractive works on Geraniums

SWEET, R. Geraniaceae. The natural order of Gerania, illustrated by coloured figures and descriptions; comprising the numerous and beautiful mule-varieties cultivated in the gardens ofGreat Britain, with directions for their treatment.

London, J. Ridgway, 1820-1830. 5 volumes (235 x 145mm). With 500 hand-coloured engraved plates. Contemporary brown diced calf, rebacked spines with...

EUR 12,000

The genus 'Turtonia' was named in his honour

TURTON, W. Conchylia Insularum Britanicarum.

The Shells of the British Islands, systematically arranged. London, M.A. Nattali, (1822). 4to. pp. xlvii, (1), 279, (1), with 20 handcoloured engra...

EUR 1,000