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Its plates, heightened with gold, and so finished that they are little less than hand-illuminated engravings, make this one of the most beautiful books of its era

AUDEBERT, J.B. & VIEILLOT, L.P. Oiseaux Dorés ou à Reflets Métalliques. Histoire Naturelle et Générale des Colibris, Oiseaux-Mouches, Jacamars et Promerops/ Histoire Naturelle et Générale des Grimpéraux et des Oiseaux de Paradis.

Paris, AN XI- (1800-) 1802. 2 volumes. Large folio (510 x 335mm). With 190 (1 double-page) colour-printed engraved plates by Audebert, many heighte...

EUR 48,000

A superbly bound copy by Zaehnsdorf, one of the finest London bookbinders of the period

BEWICK, T. History of British Birds. The figures engraved on wood by T. Bewick.

Newcastle, Printed by Sol. Hodgson/ Edward Walker, 1797-1804. 2 volumes. 8vo (210 x 125mm). pp. (2), xxx, 335, (1), with 208 wood-engravings; pp. x...

EUR 5,500

The handcoloured bird portraits are extremely fine

BONAPARTE, C.L. Iconographie des Pigeons non figurés par Mme Knip dans les deux volumes de MM. Temminck et Florent Prévost.

Paris, P. Bertrand, 1857-1858. Large-folio (560 x 370mm). With 55 beautifully handcoloured lithographed plates by Lemercier after drawings by P.L. ...

EUR 8,000

A beautiful large uncut copy, given by the author to his wife with the following dedication: "A Madame la Princesse Zénaide Bonaparte, modèle des épouses et des mères. L'Autheur après vingt ans de mariage".

BONAPARTE, C.L.J.L. (Prince of Canino). Iconografia della Fauna Italica per le quattro classi degli animali vertebrati.

Mammiferi e Uccelli, Anfibi, Pesci. Roma, Tipografia Salviucci, 1832-1841. 3 volumes. Folio (378 x 270mm). pp. (1104), with 180 very fine hand-colo...

EUR 28,000

a classic treatise on mid-European avifauna

This voyage was especially significant for the natural history data collected

BRENCHLEY, J.L. Jottings during the cruise of H.M.S. Curaçoa among the South Sea Islands in 1865.

London, Longmans, Green, and Co., 1873. Large 8vo (255 x 175 mm). pp. xxviii, 487, with 1 folded coloured frontispiece, 58 plates of which 42 handc...

EUR 1,900

One of the very few Large-Paper copies of this splendid work

BRISSON, M.J. Ornithologia, sive synopsis methodica sistens avium divisionem in ordines, sectiones ... Ornithologie ou méthode contenant la division des Oiseaux ...

Paris, C.J.B. Bauche, 1760. 6 volumes (including the supplement). 4to (284 x 213mm). With 6 engraved titles and 261 folded engraved plates. Contemp...

EUR 6,800

The scarcest book on American Game-Birds

BROWN, T. Illustrations of the Game Birds of North America Chiefly the size of Nature.

Edinburgh, Frazer & Co.; Dublin, William Curry Jnr. & Co.; Glasgow, John Smith & Son; London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1834. Folio (546 x 410mm). With ...

EUR 38,000

one of the most splendid narratives in the literature of African exploration

BRUCE, J. Voyage en Nubie et en Abyssinie, entrepris pour découvrir les sources du Nil. Pendant les années 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772 & 1773. Traduit de l'Anglais, par M. Castera.

Paris, Hôtel de Thou, 1790-1791. 5 volumes of text & 1 atlas. 4to. pp. lxxxiii, 620; 784; 858; 752;328, clxiii, with 7 (4 large folding) engraved ...

EUR 3,000

A well preserved set, of this great classic on natural history, dealing almost exclusively with zoology

BUFFON, (G.L.L.) & LACEPEDE, (B.G.E.). Histoire Naturelle, Générale et Particulière, avec la description du Cabinet du Roy .

Paris, l' Imprimerie Royale, Hôtel de Thou, Plassan, 1749-1804. 44 volumes. 4to (245 x 192mm). With1 engraved portrait of Buffon, 4 folded tables,...

EUR 36,000

The present edition is the last one published during Buffon's lifetime and is considered one of the most charming and attractive editions of his works

BUFFON, (G.L.L.). Histoire Naturelle, générale et partriculière.

Aux Deux-Ponts, chez Sanson & Compagnie, 1785-1791. 54 volumes. 8vo (180 x 110mm). With one engraved portrait, 4 engraved maps and 324 engraved pla...

EUR 9,800

These superb large plates are based on Bairei's much smaller album of 100 birds (1881), and transformed in this larger format

BUNREI, M. Bunrei Kacho Gafu (Album of drawings of flowers and birds by Bunrei).

Yokohama, Meiji, 18 [1885]. 2 volumes. Folio (355 x 245mm). With 100 full-page coloured woodblock printed plates of which 32 double-page. In origi...

EUR 2,800

early monograph of the birds of Sardinia

CETTI, F. Gli uccelli di Sardegna.

Sassari, G. Piattoli, 1776. Small-8vo (145 x 100mm) . pp. (10), 334, (2), with 1 engraved title and6 engraved plates. Contemporary calf, richly flo...

EUR 1,000

The first work on Hungarian birds in the Hungarian language

CHERNEL, I. Magyar Ornithologiai Központ. Magyarország Madarai különös tekintettel gazdasági jelentöségökre.

Budapest 1899. 2 volumes (282 x 200mm). pp. xxiv, 187; xix, 830, with 56 lithographed plates of which 51 chromo-lithographed and numerous figures i...

EUR 2,400

Copies of the above survey of the animal kingdom of Southern Italy are extremely rare

COSTA, O.G & COSTA, A. Fauna del regno di Napoli, ossia enumerazione di tutti gli animali?

Napoli, Tramater, (1829) 1832-1859. 11 volumes. 4to (270 x 220mm). With 377 mostly hand-coloured engraved plates. Later half vellum, gilt ornamente...

EUR 25,000

The plates belong to the finest ever made. For example Barraband, Redouté and Bouquet for the bird plates.

The work shows first depictions of butterflies and insects collected during the first Cook voyage

Monumental work on the European avifauna

DRESSER, H.E. A history of the birds of Europe, including all the species inhabiting the western palaearctic region.

London, published by the author, 1871-1896. 9 volumes (including the supplement). Large-4to (315 x 245mm). With 723 (721 handcoloured) lithographic...

EUR 17,000

Published in an edition of 250 copies only

DRESSER, H.E. A Monograph of the Coraciidae, or the family of the Rollers.

Farnborough, published by the author, 1893. Folio (370 x 285mm). pp. xx, 111, with 27 fine hand-coloured lithographed plates after and by J.G. Keul...

EUR 8,000

The birds are figured in front of lovely landscapes or verdure

DUBOIS, C.F. & DUBOIS, A. (Fils). Les Oiseaux de l'Europe.

Bruxelles, Leipzig, Gand, C. Muquardt, 1868-1872. 2 volumes. Royal-8vo (18 x 27cm.). With 1 photo-frontispiece of C.F. Dubois and 321 handcoloured ...

EUR 4,900

The plates are beautifully executed with very fine hand-colouring

EHRENBERG, C.G. Symbolae Physicae seu Icones et Descriptiones Avium quae ex itinere per Africam Borealem et Asiam Occidentalem Friderici Guilelmi Hemprich et Christiani Godofredi Ehrenberg... edidit Dr. C.G. Ehrenberg.

Berlin, ex Officina Academica, 1829. Folio (510 x 355mm). With 10 hand-coloured lithographed platesnumbered 11-20. Unbound in original printed port...

EUR 2,800

valuable contribution to the avifauna of Polynesia

FINSCH, O. & HARTLAUB, G. Beitrag zur Fauna Centralpolynesiens. Ornithologie der Viti-, Samoa- und Tonga- Inseln.

Halle, H.W. Schmidt, 1867. 8vo (250 x 165 mm). pp. xxxix, (1), 290, with 14 handcoloured lithographed plates. Recent cloth, gilt lettered spine.

EUR 600

1811 durchwanderte er Dalmatien. Dies war seine einzige grössere wissenschaftliche Reise ausserhalb Deutschlands.

GERMAR, E.F. Reise nach Dalmatien und um das Gebiet von Ragusa.

Leipzig and Altenburg, F.A. Brockhaus, 1817. Royal-8vo (208 x 125mm). pp. xii, 323, (1), with 11 engraved plates of which 9 finely hand-coloured, p...

EUR 1,100

A very rare complete set of the first editions of Gessner's 'Historia Animalium'

the greatest zoological encyclopaedia of the sixteenth century

The excessively rare German edition of Gould's 'Monograph of the Ramphastidae, or family of Toucans

GOULD, J. J. Gould's Monographie der Ramphastiden oder Tukanartigen Vögel, aus dem Englischen übersetzt, mit Zusätzen und einigen neuen Arten vermehrt von J.H.C.F. Sturm und J.W. Sturm.

Nürnberg, Gedruckt auf Kosten der Herausgeber, 1841-1847. 4 parts, bound in one. 4to (325 x 235mm).With 38 lithographed plates of which 36 beautif...

EUR 15,000

GRAY, G.R. A fasciculus of the Birds of China.

(London, Taylor and Francis, 1871). Folio. pp. 8, with 12 handcoloured lithographed plates. New half red morocco, spine with gilt lettering.

EUR 1,000

GRAY, G.R. A fasciculus of the Birds of China.

(London, Taylor and Francis, 1871). Folio (308 x 240 mm). pp. 8, with 12 handcoloured lithographed plates. New brown half morocco, spine with gilt ...

EUR 1,000

HEERKENS, G.N. Aves Frisicae.

Rotterrodami, apud C.R. Hake, 1788. 8vo. pp. 298, (1), with a charming engraved title showing a bird (Alauda) by J.L. Anselin. Contemporary marbled...

EUR 1,200

A large section is devoted to microscopic animals

INDIAN BIRDS- A stunning series of original Indian birds painted in gouache on Mica.

Eleven bright and striking 19th century coloured paintings of birds including a Yellow Sparrow, White Sparrow, Crow-headed Bird, Falcon, Red Coler ...

EUR 2,300

early descriptions of birds from the West Indies and the northern parts of South America

JACQUIN, J.F. (Baron von). Beyträge zur Geschichte der Vögel.

Wien, C.F. Wappler, 1784. 4to (285 x 230mm). pp. (10), 45, (1), with 19 handcoloured engraved plates. 19th century cloth-backed marbled boards (spi...

EUR 4,500

Among the finest of all bird plates

KNIP, P., TEMMINCK, C.J. & PREVOST, F. Les Pigeons, par Madame Knip, née Pauline de Courcelles, le texte par C.J. Themminck... (volume I), Deuxième édition

& F. PREVOST (volume II). Paris, Mme. Knip, Bellizard, Dufour & Cie, (1838-1843). 2 volumes. Folio (535 x 355mm). (I:) With 87 engraved plates, pri...

EUR 50,000

scarce publication on the Albatross and one of the earliest illustrated monographs of a single bird

LACHMUND, F. De Ave Diomedea dissertatio, cum verâ ejus effigie aeri incisa, ex Muséo D. Friderici Lachmund Hildesheim. Ad Cl. Virum, Dn. D. Johan. Danielem Majorem.

Amsterdam, A. Frisius, 1674. 12mo (130 x 75mm). pp. 52, (6), with 5 (4 folded) engraved plates. Recent boards.

EUR 2,500

ranks among the principal books on hawking in the English language

The beautiful plates are all engraved by Nodder and depict a great number of new species

LEACH, W.E. The Zoological Miscellany, being descriptions of new and interesting animals.

London, R.P. Nodder & Son, 1814-1817. 3 volumes. 8vo (250 x 155mm). pp. 144; 154, (8); (6), 152, with 150 handcoloured engraved plates. Contemporar...

EUR 2,800

Most of the excellent plates are by Prêtre and Bévalet, the best French natural history artists of the period

LESSON, R.P. Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux-Mouches, ouvrage orné de planches dessinées et gravées par les meilleurs artistes.

Paris, A. Bernard, (1829-30). 8vo (240 x152mm). pp. xlvi, 223, with 86 very fine hand-coloured engraved plates. Loose sheets in contemporary cloth...

EUR 2,800

A beautiful uniformly bound copy of Lesson's 3 works on the hummingbirds

LESSON, R.P. Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux-Mouches.

Paris, A. Bertrand, (1829-30). 8vo (232 x 142mm). pp. xlvi, 223, with 86 colour-printed engraved plates finished by hand. Contemporary red morocco,...

EUR 8,800

The excellent plates are by Prêtre and Bévalet, the best French natural history artists of the period

LESSON, R.P. Les Trochilidées ou les Colibris et les Oiseaux-Mouches...

Paris, A. Bertrand, (1832-33). 8vo (232 x 150mm). pp. (4), iv, 171, (1), xliii (1), with 66 very fine colour-printed engraved plates finished by h...

EUR 2,500

the most beautiful illustrations of parrots ever published and one of the finest bird-books of all time

LEVAILLANT, F. Histoire naturelle des Perroquets...

Paris, Levrault, frères, 1801-1805. 2 volumes. Folio (495 x 312mm). pp. (viii), 135, (1, index); (iv), 112, (1, index), with 145 etched plates pri...

EUR 150,000

one of the finest English bird books

MARTYN, W.F. A New Dictionary of Natural Sciences; or, compleat universal display of animated nature. With accurate representations of the most curious and beautiful animals, elegantly coloured.

London, Harrisson, 1785. Folio (360 x 235mm), With 71 (of 100) fine hand-coloured engraved plates and a number of text pages lacking. Worn contempo...

EUR 900

MORRIS, F.O. A History of British Birds. Fourth edition, revised, corrected, and enlarged. With three hundred and ninety-four plates coloured by hand.

London, John C. Nimmo, 1895-97. Royal-8vo (265 x 175mm). With 394 fine hand-coloured plates. Publisher's brown cloth, covers with gilt bird ornamen...

EUR 800

The first comprehensive account of the avi-fauna of Germany

NAUMANN, J.F. Johann Andreas Naumann's... Naturgeschichte der Vögel Deutschlands, nach eigenen Erfahrungen entworfen... herausgegeben von dessen Sohne Johann Friedrich Naumann.

Leipzig, E. Fleischer, 1820-1844 (volumes 1-12); Stuttgart, Hoffmann, (1860), (volume 13). 13 volumes. Royal-8vo (228 x 141mm). With 3 engraved por...

EUR 27,500

NODDER, R.P. Original watercolour,

measuring 22,5cm x 19,5cm, signed Rich. P. Nodder 1808.

EUR 1,600

The vertebrate section of the famous Austrian expedition around the world

NOVARA- Reise der Österreichischen Fregatte Novara um die Erde in den Jahren 1857, 1858, 1859 (B. von Wüllerstorf-Urbair). ZOOLOGISCHER THEIL, Erster Band (Wirbelthiere).

Wien, Kaiserlich-Königlichen Hof- und Staatsdruckerei, 1869. 4to (285 x 230mm). [Contains:] Zelebor, J. Säugethiere. pp. 42, with 3 (2 coloured) ...

EUR 1,500

a book on bird catching, delightful, chiefly owing to Tempesta's spirited illustrations of the methods employed by fowlers in the beginning of the 17th century

OLINA, G.P. Uccelliera overo discorso della natura, e proprieta di diversi uccelli, e in particolare di que'che cantano, con il modo di prendergli, conoscergli... E con le Figure... dal Tempesta, e dal Villamena.

Roma, Angelo de Rossi, 1684. 4to (270 x 210mm). Leaves 5, including engraved title, pp. 77, (1), leaves 6 (index), engraved title, enclosed in broa...

EUR 3,500

a model faunal work for its day, comprehensive, authoritative, and well illustrated

PETERS, W. C.H. Naturwissenschaftliche Reise nach Mossambique... in den Jahren 1842 bis 1848 ausgeführt.

Berlin, Georg Reimer, 1852-1882. 6 parts bound in 10 volumes. 4to (330 x 240mm) & folio (470 x 330mm). With 210 (54 fine handcoloured) lithographed...

EUR 8,500

The zoological atlas of this famous expedition

PETIT-THOUARS, A. DU. Voyage autour du Monde sur la Frégrate la Vénus pendant les années 1836-1839. Atlas de Zoologie.

Paris, Gide & Cie, 1846. Folio (540 x 355mm). With 75 engraved plates of which 70 beautifully hand-coloured. Later green cloth, gilt lettered spine.

EUR 7,500

the most extensive documentation on the Brazilian flora and fauna of the 17th century

PISO, W. & MARCGRAF, G. Historia naturalis Brasiliae, ... in qua non tantum Plantae et Animalia, sed et indigenarum morbi, ingenia et mores describuntur...

Lugdun. Batavorum et Amstelodami, F. Hackium apud L. Elzevirium, 1648. Folio (397 x 248mm). pp. (xii, including frontispiece), 122, (2); (iv), 293...

EUR 18,000

these birds were seen by Van Royen in the collection of the eminent Amsterdam merchant, Theodorus de Leeuw (1679-1744), at his country house of Elsenburg, on the river Vecht, near Maarssen

ROYEN, WILLEM II VAN. Two Silver Pheasants and a Black-crowned Night Heron in a landscape.

Signed and dated, lower right W V ROYEN 1735, also dated lower left: 1735, inscribed in brown ink on verso: 'dese vogels sijn bij d: edl: aghtb: He...

EUR 20,000

first major work on the Himalayan flora

ROYLE, J.F. Illustrations of the Botany and other branches of the Natural History of the Himalayan mountains and the Flora of Cashmere.

London, W.H. Allen & Co., (1833-) 1839 (-1840). 2 volumes (text & atlas). Folio (370 x 270mm). pp. lxxx, 472; pp. (iv), with 1 aquatint frontispiec...

EUR 8,000

The best modern book in English on the art and practice of Falconry

SALVIN, F.H. & W. BRODRICK. Falconry in the British Isles. Second edition, revised and enlarged.

London, Jan van Voorst, 1873. Royal 8vo (283 x 185mm). pp. viii, (2), 171, (1), with 28 fine handcoloured lithographed plates. Later green half cal...

EUR 4,500

A sumptuous monograph of the birds of Central America

SALVIN, O. & DU CANE GODMAN, F. Biologia Centrali-Americana. AVES.

(London) 1879-1904. 4 volumes. 4to (310 x 255mm). pp. xliv, 512; (4), 598; iv, 510; vii, with 84 fine hand-coloured lithographed plates after J.C. ...

EUR 15,000

beautifully produced work on the avi-fauna of the Netherlands

SCHLEGEL, H. De Vogels van Nederland. Beschreven en afgebeeld.

Leiden, D. Noothoven van Goor, (1859-1861). 3 volumes (1 text- & 2 atlas-volumes). 8vo (170 x 130mm). pp. viii, 699, (1, errata), with 362 handcol...

EUR 3,500

An unusual clean and fine set of this rare ornithological classic

one of the most splendid German bird books

one of the most splendid German bird books

SUSEMIHL, J.C. Teutsche Ornithologie oder Naturgeschichte aller Vögel Teutschlands. Herausgegeben von Borkhausen, Lichthammer und Bekker dem Jüngern.

Damstadt, im Verlage der Herausgeber, 1800-1811. Folio (450 x 300mm). 21 parts (of 22), bound in 2 volumes. With 126 hand-coloured engraved plates....

EUR 14,000

A rare suite of engravings of birds

(WOLFF, J.). Unterschiedliche Arten von Vöglen nach dem Leben gezeichnet. Verlegts Jeremias Wolff Künsthändler in Augsburg.

Augsburg, J. Wolff, (about 1710). Oblong-8vo (280 x 75mm). 17 engravings on 9 leaves. Recent boards.

EUR 3,900

the first work dealing exclusively with birds' eggs and birds' nests

ZINANNI, G. Delle uova e dei nidi degli uccelli libro primo del Conte Giuseppe Zinanni.

Aggiunte in fine alcune osservazioni, con una dissertazione sopra varie spezie di Cavalette. Venezia, A. Bortoli, 1737. 4to (285 x 204 mm). pp. (8)...

EUR 3,900