Japan/Dutch East Indies

ASSENDELFT DE CONINGH, C.T. VAN. Mijn verblijf in Japan.

Amsterdam, gebroeders Kraay, 1856. 8vo (230 x 130mm). pp. (2), vi, 180, with illustration on title.Later half cloth, marbled sides.

EUR 6,200

The first major work on the orchids of the Dutch East Indies and Japan

BLUME, C.L. Collection des Orchidées les plus remarquables de l'Archipel Indien et du Japon.

Ouvrage dédié à sa Majesté Guillaume I Roi de Wurtemberg. Amsterdam, C.G. Sulpke, 1858. Folio (454 x 290mm). pp. (6), vi, 190, with hand-colour...

EUR 8,000

A magnificent work on the flora of the Dutch East Indies

BLUME, C.L. Flora Javae nec non insularum adjacentium ... adjutore J.B. Fischer.

Bruxellis, J. Frank, 1828 (-1851). 10 parts, preserved in 4 folding boxes. Folio (448 x 285mm). With 1 frontispiece and 238 lithographed plates of ...

EUR 14,000

scarce American contribution on fishes of Japan

BREVOORT, J.C. Notes on some figures of Japanese Fish taken from recent specimens by the artists of the U.S. Japan Expedition.

(Washington 1856). 4to (295 x 220mm). pp. 36, with 10 fine handcoloured lithographed plates. Contemporary cloth, gilt lettered spine.

EUR 1,300

interesting association copy with a warm and highly charming dedication from the author to his son

CASEMBROOT, F. DE. De Medusa in de Wateren van Japan, in 1863 en 1864.

s'Gravenhage, de gebroeders van Cleef, 1865. 8vo (220 x 135mm). pp. xii, (2), 150, with 5 folded coloured maps. Contemporary half red calf, gilt l...

EUR 11,000

The work is an attractive illustrated dictionary of agriculture, treating, gardening, botany, hunting, breading of animals, bee-keeping, medicine, vineyards etc.

The most comprehensive work on this subject published in the 19th century

DUNKER, W. Index Molluscorum Maris Japonici.

Kassel, Fischer, 1882. Large-4to (290 x 220mm). pp. vii, (1), 301, (1), with 16 hand-coloured lithographed plates. Later blue cloth, spine with red...

EUR 2,500

very scarce pioneer work on the mollusca of Japan

DUNKER, W. Mollusca Japonica descripta et tabulis tribus iconum.

Stuttgart, Schweizerbart, 1861. 4to. pp. iv, 36, (3), with 3 handcoloured lithographed plates. Recent half calf, calf gilt-lettered label on frontc...

EUR 1,200

the first major botanical work on Japan after the opening of Japan in 1854

FRANCHET, A. & SAVATIER, L. Enumeratio Plantarum in Japonia sponte crescentium hucusque rite cognitarum adjectis descriptionibus specierum pro regione novarum ...

Paris, F. Savy, 1875-1879. 2 volumes. Royal-8vo (230 x 150mm). pp. (4), xiv, (2), 485, (3); pp. (4), 789, (3). Contemporary green half morocco, gil...

EUR 1,800

A beautifully bound copy of this rare work on the flora of Java

KANGETSU (SHITOMO) Illustrator. Nihon Sankai Meisan Zue [Illustrations of the Noted Products of Mountain and Sea].

Osaka, Shioya Chobei, 11th year of Kansei, 1799. 5 volumes. 8vo (250 x 175mm). With double-page woodblock illustrations throughout. Contemporary st...

EUR 4,500

Leech described many species new to science in the present work

LEECH, H.J. Butterflies from China, Japan, and Corea.

London, R.H. Porter, 1892-1894. 3 volumes. 4to (285 x 220mm). pp. lv, (7), 1-298; (2), 297-681; (4), with 48 (43 chromo-) lithographed plates and 1...

EUR 6,500

is concerned chiefly with the author's observations of life and conditions in Nagasaki

MEIJLAN, G.F. Japan. Voorgesteld in schetsen over de zeden en gebruiken van dat rijk, bijzonder over de ingezetenen der stad Nagasaky, door C.F. Meijlan Opperhoofd aldaar. Uitgegeven door Mr. J.H. Tobias.

Amsterdam, M. Westerman & Zoon, 1830. 8vo (210 x 125mm). pp. (14), 190, with charming handcolouredtitle-vignette heightened with gold and 2 folded...

EUR 3,500

The present work is the rare first edition of the first syntax of the Dutch language printed in Japan

[MITSUKURI GENPO] SYNTAXIS OF WOORDVOEGING DER NEDERDUITSCHE TAAL, Uitgegeven door de Maatschappij tot nut van 't algemeen.

Leyden, Deventer en Groningen, bij D. du Mortier en Zoon, a.o. 1810. [Oranda Bunten kohen sekuron. Edo, Kaei 1 (1848). 8vo (260 x 180mm). 49 leaves...

EUR 7,500

A very unusual long botanical scroll, showing 62 different species, each depiction of a plant

PLANTS OF WESTERN JAPAN. (Chûshoto okonomi no bunezu). Japanese exceptionally long horizontal painted scroll (11.5 meters by 26 cm.) showing 62 species of plants of Western Japan.

End 18th or beginning 19th century. Colour painted on mulberry paper, with Japanese calligraphy, mounted on a wooden roller, endpaper decorated wit...

EUR 28,000

Most plates show Japanese people in costumes, the frontispiece in vol. 1 shows the bay of Nagasaki

POMPE VAN MEERDERVOORT, J.L. Vijf jaren in Japan. (1857-1863). Bijdragen tot de kennis van het Japansche Keizerrijk en zijne bevolking.

Leiden, Van den Heuvell & Van Santen, 1867-1868. 2 volumes. 8vo (245 x 160mm). pp. xii, 335, (i); pp. vi, 357, (i), with 2 coloured frontispieces, ...

EUR 6,000

RUMPHIUS, G.E. Engraved portrait of Georg Everhard Rumphius. Amsterdam 1741. 387 x 245mm.

The engraving has been mounted on old paper and on the verso is written a text in English by an oldhand about the importance of this famous botanis...

EUR 850

the first great survey of the flora of the East-Indies

the first modern work on tropical fauna

RUMPHIUS, G.E. Thesaurus imaginum Piscium Testaceorum; Quales sunt Cancri, Echini, Echinometra, Stellae Marinae,&c. ut et Conchlearum...

Hagae, P. de Hondt, 1739. Folio (400 x 245mm). pp. (4), 14, 8, with engraved title, engraved portrait of Rumphius and 60 engraved plates. Contempor...

EUR 4,500

SCHLECHTER, R. Orchideologiae Sino-Japonicae Prodromus. Eine kritische Besprechung der Orchideen Ost-Asiens.

Dahlem bei Berlin, Verlag des Repertoriums, 1919. 8vo (252 x 165mm). pp. (4), 319. Publisher's printed wrappers.

EUR 750

Siebold was the first western scientist to fully explore the fauna of Japan

SIEBOLD, P.F. VON. Fauna Japonica: TEMMINCK, C.J. Aperçu générale et spécifique sur les Mammifères qui habitent le Japon et les iles qui en dépendent (bound up with:) Les Mammifères Marins.

Lugduni Batavorum, Arnz, (1842-1844). Folio (370 x 305mm). pp. (4), 59; 26, with 30 (23 finely hand-coloured) lithographed plates. Later blue cloth...

EUR 7,500

Siebold was the first western scientist to fully explore the fauna of Japan

SIEBOLD, P.F. VON. Fauna Japonica: TEMMINCK, C.J. Aperçu générale et spécifique sur les Mammifères qui habitent le Japon et les iles qui en dépendent (bound up with:) Les Mammifères Marins.

Lugduni Batavorum, Arnz, (1842-1844). Folio (415 x 305mm). pp. (4), 1-41 (of 59); 26, with 30 (23 finely hand-coloured) lithographed plates. Disbou...

EUR 6,500

magnificent publication depicting for the first time on a large scale the ethnography and geography of Japan

THUNBERG, C.P. Icones Plantarum Japonicarum, quas in insulis Japonicis annis 1775 et 1776 collegit et descripsit...

Uppsala, J.F. Erdman, 1794-1805. Folio (430 x 275mm). Only 10 of 50 engraved plates, loose.

EUR 1,800