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on y trouve la plupart des champignons d'Europe

BARLA, J.B. Flore Mycologique Illustrée.

Les Champignons des Alpes Maritimes. Avec l'indication de leurs propriétés utiles ou nuisibles. Nice, A. Giletta, 1888 (-1892). 7 parts bound in ...

EUR 2,100

beautifully produced work describing a great variety of fungi growing around Rimini

BATTARRA, (G.A.). Fungorum Agri Ariminensis historia ... quam sub auspiciis plurimum reverendi DD. Francisci Raynaldi Gargani... in hac secunda editione nec aucta nec diminuta publici juris fecit.

Faventiae, Typis Martinianis, 1759. 4to (280 x 200mm). pp. viii, 80, with engraved vignette on title and 40 engraved plates. Later half calf, spine...

EUR 3,000

contains 2 large folding maps of Sicily and 1 folding map of the Etna,

BORCH, M.J. Comte de. Lettres sur la Sicile et sur l'Ile de Malthe.

Turin, Freres Reycends, 1782. 2 volumes. 8vo (192 x 125mm). pp. xix, (1), 236; 256, with 3 folding maps and 26 engraved plates. Contemporary calf, ...

EUR 2,500

one of the most interesting colour-printed natural history works

BULLIARD, P. Herbier de la France, ou Collection complette des Plantes Indigènes de ce Royaume; avec leurs détails anatomiques, leurs propriétés, et leurs usages en Médecine.

Paris, chez l'Auteur, Didot Jeune..., 1780-(1793). 15 volumes. Folio (345 x 255mm). With 1 colour-printed frontispiece and 602 colour-printed engra...

EUR 10,000

The superb original watercolours, of which 43 are signed 'P. Duménil' are of a high artistic quality

The number published of the 'Illustrations of British Fungi' must have been very small as there were only 70 subscribers in Britain

COOKE, M.C. Illustrations of British Fungi (Hymenomycetes), to serve as an atlas to the "Handbook of British Fungi". London, Williams and Norgate, 1881-1891. 8 volumes.

Royal-8vo (228 x 145mm). With 1198 chromolithographed plates. Uniformly bound in green half calf, spines with gilt lettering.

EUR 4,500

notable as being the first book exclusively devoted to fungi

GLEDITSCH, I.G. Methodus Fungorum exhibens genera, species et varietates cum charactere, differentia specifica, synonomis, solo, loco et observationibus.

Berolini, sumtibus Scholae Realis, 1753. 8vo (184 x 115mm). pp. 162, (36, index), with 6 engraved folded plates. Contemporary blue boards.

EUR 1,400

Greville (1794-1866) was a Scottish mycologist and made important contributions to Scottish mycology

GREVILLE, R.K. Scottish Cryptogamic Flora, or coloured figures and descriptions of cryptogamic plants, belonging chiefly to the order Fungi; and intended to serve as a continuation of English botany.

Edinburgh, Maclachlan & Stewart, 1823-1828. 6 volumes. Royal-8vo (240 x 150mm). With 360 fine hand-coloured engraved plates and descriptive text. C...

EUR 3,200

HOLLÓS, L. Die Gasteromyceten Ungarns. Im Auftrage der Ungarischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Leipzig, O. Weigel, 1904. Folio (417 x 290mm). pp. 278, with 31 (23 chromolithographed) plates. Contemporary half cloth, printed sides.

EUR 1,200

A fine copy of this beautifully produced early work on fungi

MARSIGLI, L.F. Dissertatio de generatione fungorum ad illustrissimum & reverendissimum praesulem Ioannem Mariam Lancisium....

Romae, F. Gonzagae, 1714. Folio (375 x 250mm). pp. 40, with engraved title vignette and 31 engravedplates; pp. xlvii, (6), with a folding engraved ...

EUR 4,000

PAULET, J.J. Iconographie des Champignons de Paulet. Recueil de 217 planches... Par J.H. Léveillé.

Paris, chez J.B. Baillière, 1855. Folio (355 x 273mm). 54 fine hand-coloured engraved plates of 247. Loose in old wrappers.

EUR 500

rare mycological classic

PERSOON, C.H. Mycologia Europaea seu completa omnium Fungorum in variis Europaeae regionibus detectorum enumeratio, methodo naturali disposita; descriptione succincta, synonymia selecta etobservationibus criticis additis.

Erlangae, I.I. Palmii, 1822-1828. 3 volumes. Royal-8vo (220 x 125mm). pp. (2), 356, (2); 214, 9(1);(4), 282, with 30 handcoloured engraved plates....

EUR 2,500

the finest work published in Germany on fungi

SCHAEFFER, J.C. Fungorum qui in Bavaria et Palatinatu circa Ratisbonam nascuntur Icones nativis coloribus expressae. Edition Secunda.

Ratisbonae, impensis auctoris, 1772. 4 volumes bound in 2. Large-4to (270 x 225mm). With 2 engravedfrontispieces and 330 beautifully hand-coloured ...

EUR 18,000

highly finished watercolours of the fungi of the Loire valley

SÉJOURNÉ, A. Champignons des environs de Blois.

Blois circa 1880. 2 volumes. Folio (360 x 270mm). A collection of 161 very fine watercolours of mushrooms of the Blois area (Loire valley). Loose i...

EUR 12,000

The most attractive illustrated English work on mycology

SOWERBY, J. Coloured figures of English Fungi or Mushrooms.

London, printed by J. Davis and sold by the Author, 1797-1803, (1815). 3 volumes. Folio (320 x 200mm). With 440 hand-coloured engraved plates on 43...

EUR 16,000

The most attractive illustrated English work on mycology

SOWERBY, J. Coloured figures of English Fungi or Mushrooms.

London, printed by J. Davis and sold by the Author, 1797-1803, (1815). 3 volumes, bound in 2. Folio(320 x 200mm). With 440 hand-coloured engraved p...

EUR 12,000

the first separate general work on fungi, describing edible and poisonous varieties

the first separate general work on fungi, describing edible and poisonous varieties

one of the rarest and most beautifully illustrated works on mycology

TULASNE, L.R. & C. Selecta Fungorum Carpologia, ea documenta et icones potissimum exhibens quae varia fructuum et seminum genera in eodem fungo simul aut vicissim adesse demonstrent.

Parisiis, in Imperiali Typographeo excudebatur, 1861-1865. 3 volumes. Folio (355 x 260mm.). pp. xxviii, 242, with 2 vignettes and 5 engraved plates...

EUR 4,800