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interesting collection of articles by Charles Darwin and his son Francis Darwin

DARWIN, C. On the Two Forms, or Dimorphic Condition, in the Species of Primula, and on their remarkable Sexual Relations. (Read Nov. 21, 1861). 8vo. (210 x 135mm), pp. 77-96, with 2 illustrations.

(Together with:) DARWIN, C. On the existence of two forms, and on their reciprocal sexual relation,in several species of the genus Linum. (Read Feb...

EUR 6,500

Goethe's pioneering essay on the metamorphosis of plants

GOETHE, J.W. VON. Versuch die Metamorphose der Pflanzen zu erklären.

Gotha, Carl Wilhelm Ettinger, 1790. 8vo (228 x 145mm). pp. (6), 86. Contemporary boards, preserved in an attractive half red morocco box, with gilt...

EUR 3,000

The first full-length exposition of Lamarck's evolutionary theory

unrecorded privately issued edition of Teilhard de Chardin's famous work on evolution

TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, P. Le Phénomène Humain.

Rome, 28 October 1948. 4to (273 x 218mm). pp. (8), ii, 174. Printed wrapper, paperbacked spine.

EUR 4,500