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a compilation of Crescentiis' work with that of Estienne & Liebault and Jacques du Fouilloux

CRESCENTIIS, P. DE. New Feldt und Ackerbaw, darinen deutlich begriffen wie man auss rechtem Grund der Natur auch langwiriger erfahrung in 15 Bücher beschrieben...

Franckfurt am Mayn, durch Peter Schmid in verlegung Sigmund Feyrabends, 1583. Folio (333 x 210mm). pp. (12, last leaf blank), 566, (12), title prin...

EUR 9,500

Famous work on agriculture, gardening, cattle raising, as well as hunting and hawking

The manuscript therefore constitutes an important documentation for the history of olive cultivation

FANTONI, COUNT LUIGI. [Manuscript on Olive Trees and Olive Oil of Tuscany and some adjacent areas, by Count Luigi Fantoni].

Delle specie diverse d'Olivi che si trovano ne Monti della Fattoria d'Agnano Territorio Pisano, spettante a S(ua) A(ltezza) S(erenissima) etc. Con...

EUR 38,000

a great number of woodcuts of trees