Houtkunde, behelzende de afbeeldingen van meest alle bekende, in- en uitlandsche houten die tot den huis- en scheepsbouw.... Abbildung in- und Ausländischer Höltzer.../ A representation of Inland and Foreign wood.../ Réprésentation des Bois, des arbes & arbrisseaux tant du Pays qu'Etrangers.../ Icones Lignorum exoticorum et nostratium....

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Amsterdam, Jan Christiaan Sepp, 1773-1795. 4to (305 x 245mm). With engraved hand-coloured frontispiece and 106 fine hand-coloured engraved plates, each with a page of explanation. Contemporary red half morocco, richly gilt ornamented spine with green gilt lettered label, supplement unbound.

The most attractive book on wood ever published

A large uncut and fine copy with the very rare supplement. The most attractive book on wood ever published. It contains over 600 cross-sections of European and exotic woods and is a guide to the identification of woods by their grains and colours. Sepp based his work on Michael Seligmann's 'Abbildung in- und ausländischer Hölzer' Nuremberg 1773-78. He added 42 plates showing timbers from the West Indies, drawn from the Cabinet of Reverend Hazeu at Rotterdam. Finally Martinus Houttuyn was enlisted to describe 80 specimens of timber in his own collection, then to prepare notes and indexes in five languages and a supplement. As the book was issued in parts, whenever a suite of plates had been engraved and coloured, copies are found in varying degrees of completeness. The text is in Dutch, English, German, French and Latin. As the book was published over a long period complete copies as the present one are a great rarity. The final title 'Houtkunde, behelzende afbeeldingen van meest alle bekende, in- en uitlandsche houten die tot den huis- en scheepsbouw...' published in 1791 is different from the one published in 1773 when the work started 'Afbeelding van In- en Uitlandsche houten, zo wel van boomen als heesters....'. For this reason the work is sometimes quoted under this title. Landwehr, Studies in Dutch books with coloured plates, gives a detailed collation of the work, which matches exactly with our copy. The complete English title is: 'A representation of inland and foreign wood, as well trees and shrubs, which are collected by lovers of natural history in their cabinets of natural curiosities for use and pleasure. According to their inward properties and natural colours'.

The rare supplement, with a printed title has some slight staining at the outer upper and lower corner of the printed title.

Nissen BBI, 939, Landwehr 84; Pritzel 4291.