A New Dictionary of Natural Sciences; or, compleat universal display of animated nature. With accurate representations of the most curious and beautiful animals, elegantly coloured.

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London, Harrisson, 1785. Folio (360 x 235mm), With 71 (of 100) fine hand-coloured engraved plates and a number of text pages lacking. Worn contemporary calf.

An incomplete copy of a very attractively illustrated zoological encyclopaedia. "One of the earliest surveys in alphabetical order of natural history as it was known at the time. Following the example of Diderot's 'Encyclopédie', alphabetical compilations of this kind were produced everywhere, with more or less competence and skill. ... The plates by Moses Harris (1730-1787/89) deserve particular attention. Together with Dru Drury, he was one of the founder members of the Aurelians, a London society of butterfly collectors, and he was held in high esteem by members of the society as a collector, a draughtsman and an engraver" (Nissen, Bestiaries p. 73). One plate damaged.

Nissen ZBI, 2729.