Exercitationes de animalium vertebris carentium in ovo formatione. Pars prima. De Generatione Aranearum in Ovo/ Untersuchungen über die Bildungsgeschichte der wirbellosen Thiere im Eie. Erster Theil. Von der Erzeugung der Spinnen im Eie.

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Marburg, J.C. Krieger und Comp., 1824. Folio (400 x 255mm). pp. x, x, 63, 63, with 4 (2 handcoloured) engraved plates. Publishers printed blue boards (spine worn).

Early work on the embryology of spiders. Johann Moritz David Herold (1790-1862) was professor of medicine at the University of Marburg. Text in Latin and German printed on opposite pages. The plates are after drawings by the author. The 4 plates consist of 2 handcoloured engraved plates, each with a seperate outline key plate.

Nissen ZBI, 1912.