Animalia ad vivum dilineata, et aqua forti aeri impressa. Studio et Arte.

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A suite of 6 charming engravings (120 x 145mm). The first engraving shows a shepherd with a dog, the others show goats, mostly 2 to a plate. [no date circa 1660].

Nicolaes Pieterz. Berchem (1620-1683) was a highly esteemed Dutch painter and engraver of pastoral landscapes. Between circa 1640 and 1683 he produced a number of suites concerning animals. The present one concerns goats. Berchem was born in Haarlem and received instruction from his father Pieter Claesz. A fine preserved suite with strong impressions.

Winter, Beredeneerde Cat. van alle prenten van N. Berchem no. 35-40.