Arcana Naturae ou Receuil d'Histoire Naturelle.

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Paris, chez J.B. Baillière et Fils, 1859. Folio (448 x 320mm). pp. 132, with a beautifully engravedfrontispiece and 13 plates of which 11 finely coloured by hand. Later half calf.

The large charming frontispiece by F. Nicolet and engraved by Lebrun shows a woman studying nature amidst numerous exotic animals and a luxuriant vegetation. 10 (8 coloured) of the plates show coleoptera and belong to the finest portrayal of these insects ever made, painted by Nicolet and engraved by Lebrun, delicately coloured by Mme German or Mme Ve Vaillant. James Thomson (1828-1897) was an American by birth who lived in France for the greater part of his life. He wrote a number of papers on Coleoptera and formed a large collection which was sold to René Oberthür.

Nissen ZBI, 41119.