Conducted by J. Linden, Lucien Linden, Em. Rodigas and R. A. Rolfe.

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Brussels, Lucien Linden, 1891. Folio (365 x 280mm). Parts 1-12. With 48 fine lithographed plates (numbered 265-312). Contemporary publisher's printed wrappers.

Forming volumes 1 & 2 of the English edition. The plates were lithographed by G. Severeyns and P. de Pannemaeker, the best Belgian lithographers of the period. Most of the plates were drawn by A. Goosens, who later collaborated with A.C. Cogniaux on an equally large project, the 'Dictionnaire iconographique des orchidées'.
The French edition published from 1855 to 1906 contained 813 plates. The English edition starts with volume 7 of the French one. The plates have the running of the original French edition, they begin with 265 and end with 576.