Description, Vertus et Usages de sept cents dix-neuf Plantes, tant étrangères que de nos climats; et de cent trente-quatre animaux, en sept cents trente planches. Gravées en taille-douce, sur les desseins d'après nature, de M. de Garsault, par MM. de Fehrt, Prevost, Duflos, Martinet, &cc. Et rangées suivant l'ordre du livre intitulé Matière Médicale de M. Geoffroy. Ouvrage utile à toutes Matières Médicales, aux Artistes, aux Personnes charitables, & à tous ceux qui préparent eux-mêmes leurs Médicaments.

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Paris, P. Fr. Didot Le Jeune, 1767. 6 volumes. 8vo (215 x 140 mm). pp. xiv, (2), 472, 20, with 3 engraved titles and 729 engraved plates. Contemporary mottled calf, spines with 5 raised bands, richly gilt ornaments, red and green gilt lettered labels, sides with gilt borders and gilt ornaments at corners.

The plates of the present work are all engraved by Garsault

A rare complete set together with the text volume, which is an explanation to the plates. This last volume is lacking in most copies. François Alexandre Pierre de Garsault (1691-1778) was a French botanical artist and naturalist. He wrote several works on horses of which 'Le Nouveau Parfait Maréchal' is best known. The plates of the present work are all engraved by Garsault. "Five volumes of engravings were published by Garsault in June 1764, a volume of text in 1765 (Explication abrégée). The two were reissued in 1767 with the above title. Thellung states that 336 species are provided with binary names, but that 282 specific names are uninomial whereas 71 are polynominal.... Thellung, however makes a plea to accept the binary names...." (Stafleu & Cowan, listing a wrong number of plates 728!, and stating 'Only one copy seen'). Plates 1-643 depict plants, the remaining zoological matter. A beautifully bound copy.

Stafleu & Cowan 1961; Nissen BBI, 687.