Die Gross-Schmetterlinge der Erde. Eine systematische Bearbeitung der Gross-Schmetterlinge der ganzen Welt.

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Stuttgart, Kernen Verlag, 1909-1954. 20 volumes (bound in 32). 4to (315 x 250mm). Text and 1458 chromolithographed plates. Publisher's uniform half calf (first 6 vols. publisher's half cloth), spines with gilt lettering and decorations.

A complete and uniformly bound set of this rare work. The fine plates are made by process of 10-14 colour lithography, and its excellent quality has remained unsurpassed. The editor Seitz planned to finish the whole work in 1912. This proved to be quite unrealistic as publication stopped in 1954, and several volumes remained unfinished. The most important collections of butterflies were consulted including those of L.W. Rothschild of Tring, the British Museum, the Paris Natural History Museum, the Senckenberg Museum at Frankfurt, as well as collections in Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Australia, South- and North- America etc. The German edition is textually larger than the English one as it has the complete supplement of volume 4 (publ. in 1954), which remained unfinished in the English edition. The unfinished volumes 7 and 15 of the German edition also have more text. Apart from the 4th supplement-volume the same volumes remained unfinished as in the English edition. The work was published in 16 volumes with 4 supplements and is composed as follows: volumes 1-4, Palaearctic Fauna with 4 supplements; volumes 5-8, American Fauna (volumes 7 and 8 remained unfinished); volumes 9-12, Indo-Australian Fauna (volumes 11 and 12 remained unfinished); volumes 13-16 African Fauna (volumes 15 and 16 remained unfinished). A splendid set.

The collation of the set is as follows:

Palaearktische Fauna
Vol. I: Tagfalter. pp. 384 and 89 coloured plates.
Vol. 2: Spinner und Schwärmer. pp. 480 and 56 coloured plates.
Vol. 3: Eulen. pp. 520 and 75 coloured plates.
Vol. 4: Spanner. pp. 480 and 25 coloured plates.

Supplement zur palaearktischen Fauna
Suppl. I. pp. 400 and 16 coloured plates.
Suppl. 2. pp. 314 and 16 coloured plates.
Suppl. 3. pp. 332 and 26 coloured plates.
Suppl. 4. pp. 766 and 53 coloured plates.

Amerikanische Fauna
Vol. 5. Tagfalter. pp. 1144 and 203 coloured plates.
Vol. 6. Spinner und Schwärmer. pp. 1452 and 198 coloured plates.
Vol. 7. Eulen. pp. 508 and 87 coloured plates.
Vol. 8. Spanner. pp 136 and 16 coloured plates.

Indo-australische Fauna
Vol. 9. Tagfalter. pp. 1200 and 177 coloured plates.
Vol. 10. Spinner und Schwärmer. pp. 912 and 104 coloured plates.
Vol. 11. Eulen. pp. 496 and 57 coloured plates.
Vol. 12. Spanner. pp. 356 and 41 coloured plates.

Afrikanische Fauna
Vol. 13. Tagfalter. p. 613 and 80 coloured plates.
Vol. 14. Spinner und Schwärmer. pp. 600 and 80 coloured plates.
Vol. 15. Eulen. pp. 358 and 41 coloured plates.
Vol. 16. Spanner. pp. 160 and 18 coloured plates.