Mémoires sur l'influence de l'air et de diverses substances gazeuses dans la germination de differentes graines.

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Genève, J.J. Paschoud, IX (1801). 8vo (197 x 125mm). pp. xiii, (1), 230, (2). Contemporary calf, richly gilt spine and gilt sides.

"Senebier became the center of a group of young life scientists, and he taught them all: Pierre Huber (1777-1840); A.P. de Candolle; Jean-Antoine Calledon (1758-1830), the pharmacist whom many consider to be one of Mendel's precursors; and N.T. de Saussure, who started photochemistry. He was particularly close to François Huber (1750-1831), with whom he conducted experiments on bees and published 'Influence de l'air... dans la germination' (1801)... Senebier's publications can still repay attention today: his research on photosynthesis and his works on the experimental method, which he defined with precision fifty years before Claude Bernard" (DSB XII, p. 309). A beautifully bound copy with the interesting bookplate of Alex Brongiart and the signature of Louis Reverdin (1842 ? 1929) a famous Swiss surgeon.

Pritzel 4299.