Essai de réduire la physiologie végétale à des principes fondamentaux.

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Lund, Gleerup, (1828). 8vo (165 x 100mm). pp.(4), 56. Contemporary marbled paper. (Together with:) AGARDH, C.A. Essai sur le développement intérieur des plantes. Lund, Gleerup, (1829). 8vo (165 x 100mm). pp. (4), 90. Contemporary marbled paper.

Carl Adolph Agardh (1785-1859) was a famous Swedish algologist. "Agardh's romanticism was even more pronounced in his writings on plant anatomy and plant physiology... he first published his views on this subject in several articles in French and then in a more extrensive form in 'Lärobok i botanik' (1830-1832), which was translated into German and dedicated to Schelling (Dictionary Scientific Biogr. I, p. 69).

Pritzel 48 & 51.