Mémoires Physico-Chymiques, sur l'influence de la lumière solaire pour modifier les êtres des trois règnes de la Nature, & sur-tout ceux du règne végétal.

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Genève, Barthelemi Chirol, 1782. 3 volumes. 8vo (215 x 145mm). pp. xvi, 408; viii, 411; viii, 412, with 2 folded engraved plates. Contemporary marbled wrappers, rebacked, uncut.

The first and most important of four works by Senebier specifically on photosynthesis

First Edition. The first and most important of four works by Senebier specifically on photosynthesis, discovered by Ingenhousz in 1779. His greatest advance was to show, in this book, that the emission of oxygen by green plants in sunlight is absolutely dependent on a supply of carbon dioxide, one of the key points which was not suffiently examined by Ingenhousz. "In these three volumes Senebier presents his extensive and detailed experiments, both qualitative and quantitative, on the effects of sunlight on plants. Most of the experiments made by Ingenhousz were repeated; however different conclusions were drawn in some cases. One of the important facts discovered was the role carbon dioxide played in the release of oxygen by plants. Volume III contains short memoirs on the influence of light on animal and mineral substances and on the nature of light. Senebier expanded and varied the experiments of Scheele on the darkening of lunar cornea, using different colored lights. Senebier also tested the effects of sunlight on dyes, paints and colored fabrics" (Cole).

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