Icones Plantarum Galliae Rariorum nempè incertarum aut nondum delineatarum. Fasciculus I, cum tabulis 50 aeneis.

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Paris, (H. Agasse & Bernard), 1808. Folio (335 x 255mm). pp. viii, 16 with 50 engraved plates by Turpin (some by Poiteau) and engraved by Plée and Plée fils. Contemporary green half calf, spine with gilt lines and lettering (rubbed).

his drawings of botanical details have rarily been surpassed

The rare first edition, only one fascicle was issued. A reissue appeared in 1853. "Candolle's atlas of rare French plants was illustrated by Pierre Turpin, who modeled his style after van Spaëndonck and Redouté; Blunt calls him 'possibly the greatest natural genius of all French botanical painters of his day' and notes that 'his drawings of botanical details have rarily been surpassed'"(Norman 395).

Nissen BBI, 322; Stafleu & Cowan 989.