Original 5 page manuscript by François Fulgis Chevallier; the prospectus for his 'Histoire des Hypoxylons description des genres et des espèces qui forment cette grande tribudes Végétaux et séparement en un volume, histoire des Graphidées'. (Together with:)

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51 ORIGINAL WATERCOLOURS by P. Duménil to illustrate the above work and 3 proof plates and an engraved portrait of the author.

The superb original watercolours, of which 43 are signed 'P. Duménil' are of a high artistic quality

François Fulgis Chevallier intended to publish 20 parts, however only 4 parts with 21 plates were published between 1824 and 1827. Chevallier (1796-1840) was a French botanist of some renown, the author of 2 mycological books and a popular flora of the Paris area.The superb original watercolours, of which 43 are signed 'P. Duménil' are of a high artistic quality. The drawings, all but two within a frame, measure approx. 11,5 x 16cm. and are painted on quarto sheets, only 2 watercolours on small paper. All plates with two small perforation holes in the margin, not affecting the illustrations.

Paul Chrétien Romain Constant Duménil (1779-1859), was a well-known natural history painter. He published in 1859 the 'Nouveau manuel complet de peinture d'histoire naturelle'. He further supervised the illustrations for Tussac's famous 'Flore des Antilles', and made illustrations for Persoon's 'Mycologia Europaea' and also Chevalier's other work 'Flore générale des environs de Paris'. He also illustrated numerous zoological and entomological works such as Poey's 'Centurie de lépidoptères de Cuba'; Godart & Duponchel's 'Histoire naturelle des Lépidoptères ou Papillons de France'; Laplace's 'Voyage autour du monde'. Nissen lists 32 works with illustrations by Duménil.