Fauna Japonica: TEMMINCK, C.J. Coup-d'oeil sur la Faune des Iles de la Sonde et de l'Empire du Japon. Discours préliminaire destiné à servir d'Introduction à la Faune du Japon.

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Leiden, J.C. Lalau, 1836. Folio (395 x 295mm). pp. 30. Disbound, in loose sheets.

'Although not actually forming part of the series 'Fauna Japonica', the following paper published in 1836 by Temminck, was intended as a kind of introduction to the Fauna Japonica. It is of the same format, and is often found bound with one of the volumes of the Fauna Japonica. ... Mees (1957, Zool. Meded. Leiden, vol. 35, pp. 205-227) devoted a study to the significance of this publication for zoological nomenclature, as in it several names are validly used, that generally are quoted from a later source'. (Holthuis & Sakai. Ph. Von Siebold and the Fauna Japonica. A study of early Japanese Zoology p. 78).