Faunae Insectorum Germanicae Initia oder Deutschlands Insecten.

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Nürnberg, in der Felseckerschen Buchhandlung, 1793-1823. 110 parts, loose in old wrappers and preserved in 9 boxes. Oblong small-8vo (125 x 95mm). With 2640 beautifully handcoloured engraved plates, each plate with descriptive text. The attractive uniform boxes, with gilt ornamented and lettered spines and marbled sides are of a later date.

the most beautiful miniature entomological work ever published

An attractive set of all that was published by Panzer, of the most beautiful miniature entomological work ever published. Panzer published parts 1-109 and the final part of this set was published by Geyer. The splendid illustrations are of an unsurpassed beauty and exactness. Georg Wolfgang Franz Panzer (1755-1829) was a German entomologist; regional physician in Hersbruck near Nuremberg and lecturer at the Collegium Medicum in Nuremberg. "There does not exist a more accurate or useful work. The figures are drawn and etched by the famous Sturm, the best entomological artist on the continent; ... while the descriptions, although frequently too short, are written by hand of a master. The system of Fabricius is followed and the work altogether is highly essential to every one who writes upon the entomology of Europe" (Swainson).

A continuation to Panzer's work was published by Herrich-Schaeffer and is very scarce due to a decreasing number of subscribers.

"Die alte bayrische Schule der naturwissenschaftliche Illustrationen hat sich unsterbliche Verdienste besonders um die Entomologie erworben. Sie hat die schönsten Abbildungswerke dieser Wissenschaft geliefert" (Junk. Rara II, p. 142).

Jacob Sturm (1771-1848) was born in Nürnberg. His father Johann Georg Sturm was an engraver. Jacob Sturm was the editor and illustrator of several natural history works such as his 'Deutschlands Flora in Abbildungen nach der Natur mit Beschreibungen'. Apart from this he illustrated a great number of the finest natural history works published at that period in South Germany.

Added to the series are:
The original backcovers bound in brown half morocco of all the 110 parts with the printed names of the insects contained in each part.
The 'Catalogus systematicus' by Panzer of parts 1-108 'Index systematicus methodo Fabriciana', Nürnberg 1793-1809.
Saunders, E. Index to Panzer's Fauna Insectorum Germaniae. London 1888.
Index Entomologicus sistens insectorum species in G.W. Panzeri Fauna Insectorum Germanica... Pars I. Eleutherata. Norimbergiae 1813.
Panzer, G.W. Kritische Revision der Insektenfauna Deutschlands nach dem System bearbeiter. I-XCVI Heft. Nürnberg 1805.

Nissen ZBI, 3084; Junk Rara II, p. 141.