THUNBERG, C.P. (praeses).

Dissertatio Entomologica de Hemipteris Rostratis Capensibus... partem priman (- quartem et ultimam)... praeside C.P. Thunberg...

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Upsaliae, Acad. Typogr., 1822. 4 parts (all published). 8vo (210 x 170mm). pp. (2), 8, (2); (2), 8;(2), 6, (2); (4), 6, (2). Recent cloth, gilt lettered label on frontcover (And:) THUNBERG, C.P. (praeses.). Dissertatio de Hemipteris Maxillosis Capensibus... praeside C.P. Thunberg... Upsaliae, 1822. 8vo (210 x 170mm). pp.(2), 8, (2). Recent cloth, gilt lettered label on frontcover

Numerous dissertations were defended by pupils of Thunberg, which were usually the work of Thunberg himself and are often attributed to him. A complete set of the dissertations on Hemiptera of South Africa. I. by J. Bjurstedt; II. J. Hedenborg; III. J.E. Rungrèn; IV. by C.U. Westerling and the last one by J. Arnberg. Thunberg was the most famous of Linnaeus's pupils. Thunberg described more than 1,500 new species of insects.

Horn-Schenkling 22157 & 22158.