Reisen durch das Königreich Schweden, welche auf Befehl der hohen Obrigkeit zur Verbesserung der Naturkunde, Haushaltungs- und Arzneykunst von ihm angestellt.... Aus dem Schwedischen übersetzt.

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Leipzig, G. Kiesewetter, 1756. 8vo (202 x 120mm). pp. (32), 336, with 1 large folded engraved map 'Charta über das Herzogthum Schonen' and 2 engraved plates. Contemporary red boards, spine with gilt lettering (top of spine a bit rubbed).

First German translation of 'Skånska Resa' published in 1751

First German translation of 'Skånska Resa' published in 1751."Linnaeus' research work during his mature years began with trips to various Swedish provinces. By order of the parlement, which wanted an inventory of all natural resources of the country, during three summers in the 1740's Linnaeus travelled through selected areas to describe them and to search for dyestuff, minerals, clay and other economically useful substances. His reports of these expeditions were published as 'Ölandska och gothländska resa' (1745), 'Västgöta resa' (1747) and 'Skånska resa' (1751), all written in Swedish. Nothing escaped his attention on his travels on horseback - plants and insects, ruinic stones and other ancient remnants, farmers working in the fields and meadows, the changes in the weather" (DSB).

Soulsby 213.