Flora Altdorffinae deliciae Hortenses sive Catalogus Plantarum Horti Medici, quibus ... Anno Christi 1650 usque ad annum 1677 auctior est factus.

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Altdorf, H.Meyer, (1677). 4to (190 x 160mm). pp. (4), 64, with double page engraved map, engraved by the author showing the medical garden of Altdorf. (And:) IDEM. Appendix Plantarum Rariorum... Horto Medico Altdorffino... Altdorf, H. Meyer, 1691. pp. (18). (Bound up with:) IDEM. Florae Altdorffinae deliciae sylvestres sive Catalogus Plantarum in agro Altdorffino, locisque vicinis sponte nascentium, cum synonymis auctorum.... Altdorf, H. Meyer, 1677. 4to. pp. 104 with a double-page engraved map 'Topographia Altdorfina et Viciniae'. (Bound up with:) IDEM. Florilegium Altdorffinum, sive tabulae, loca et menses exhibentes, quibus Plantae Exoticae et Indigenae sub coelo norico vigere ac florere solent. Altdorf, H. Meyer, 1676. pp. (4), 16. (Bound up with:) IDEM. Montis Mauriciani in agro Leimburgensium, medio inter Norimbergam & Hirsbruccum, itemq; inter Altdorffium & Lauffam loco... Sive Catalogus Plantarum in excursionibus Herbilegis se offerentium. Altdorf, H. Meyer, 1694. 4to. pp. (6), 3-24. (Bound up with:) BAIER, J.J. Horti Medici Acad. Altorf. Historia curiose conquisita.... accedit eiusdem commemoratio celebriorum Germaniae Hortorum Botanico-Medicorum. Altdorf, I.G. Kohles, 1727. pp. 12, 56, lacking frontispiece. (Bound up with:) VATER, A. Catalogus Plantarum inprimis exoticarum horti academici Wittenbergenis... Wittenberg, Gerdes, 1722. pp. (20), 1-16, (2), 17-28, with 1 engraved plate of the 'Aloe Africana'. Contemporary half vellum, marbled sides.

A very rare collection of catalogues of plants growing in the area of Altdorf (near Nuremberg), and in the botanical garden of Altdorf

A very rare collection of catalogues of plants growing in the area of Altdorf (near Nuremberg), and in the botanical garden of Altdorf. All, except one, by Moritz Hoffmann (1622-1698) a Swiss professor of medicine at the University of Altdorf. This famous university was closed down in 1808. One treatise is by J.J. Baier. The last treatise is by A. Vater and described the exotic plants in the Wittenberg Botanical Garden.

The first work together with an appendix published in 1691 describes the plants growing in the medical garden of Altdorf. It is illustrated with a fine double-page engraving 'Hortus Medicus Altdorffinus' showing the town of Altdorf at the rear and the botanical garden at the front. The garden consists of 4 sections with parterres, and one orangery, visitors are walking in the lanes.

The second work is an extensive catalogue of plants growing in the area of Altdorf. It gives location, the description of the plants and references to literature. The fine map 'Topographia Altdorfina et viciniae' shows towns, villages and rivers, to the east the town of Nuremberg and to the west Kassel.

The third work describes the months of flowering of the plants in the medical garden at Altdorf as well as indigenous plants in the area around Altdorf.

The fourth work describes plants growing in the area of the small village of Leimburg (near Altdorf).

The fifth work is by Joh. Jacob Baier (1677-1735) who was professor of medicine at the Altdorf university and president of the 'Acad. natur. Curios.' and director of the famous 'hortus medicus'. The botanical garden of Altdorf had been previously described by Moritz Hoffmann and in the present work by Baier numerous references are made to this former work. The work presents a history of the garden and is accompanied by an engraved map which is not present in our copy.

The sixth work by Abraham Vater (1684-1751) describes the exotic plants in the botanical garden of Wittenberg University. Vater was a professor of botany and anatomy and successor of J.H. Heucher who published the first catalogue in 1711 of the 'Hortus medicus'. A small supplement to the present work was published in 1724.

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