(WOLFF, J.).

Unterschiedliche Arten von Vöglen nach dem Leben gezeichnet. Verlegts Jeremias Wolff Künsthändler in Augsburg.

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Augsburg, J. Wolff, (about 1710). Oblong-8vo (280 x 75mm). 17 engravings on 9 leaves. Recent boards.

A rare suite of engravings of birds

A rare suite of engravings of birds. The first engraving is the title, a cartouche held by birds and snakes. Jeremias Wolff (1663-1724) was an Augsburg publisher and engraver. The engravings are party reversed copies of Albert Flamen's 'Diversae avium species', Paris, 1659. The engravings show among others: Indianischer Han (Gallus Indicus), Schnee Ganz (Anser Serus), Pfaw (Pavo), Phasan (Phasianus), Reyger (Ardea), and Schwan (Cygnus).

Schlenker. Bibliographie der Deutschen vogelkundlichen Literatur von 1480 bis 1850, 391.1.