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Antverpiae, ex Officina Plantiniana, apud B. & I. Moretos, 1616. Folio (346 x 230mm). pp. (16), 872, (66), with fine engraved title and 1341 woodcuts of plants in the text. Contemporary blindpressed pigskin.

he made here an attempt to an explanation of the parts of the plants.

"Best revised and enlarged edition." (Hunt 201). A fine and attractively bound copy, frontcover hinges splitting but firm. Dodoens was the first of the Great Flemish botanists and helped to forward the growing interest in classification which had begun with Bock's "Neu Kreuterbuch" in 1539. Dodonaeus graduated from the University of Louvain in 1535. After working in Malines as a physician he moved to Vienna to assume the post of personal physician to Emperor Maximilian II, later he moved to Prague when Rudolph II succeeded Maximilian. In 1582 Dodonaeus was appointed professor of botany at the University of Leiden. The above offered work is Dodoens last and most comprehensive botanical work, incorporating material from a number of his earlier books, including the "Cruydeboeck". It is of interest, that he made here an attempt to an explanation of the parts of the plants.

Nissen BBI, 517.