Abbildung der inn- und ausländischen Bäume, Stauden und Sträuche, welche in Oesterreich fortkommen, nebst einer vollständig gegründeten Anweisung, wie diese Gewächse anzupflanzen sind, damit die Güterbesitzer, der Forstmann, Landwirth, ja auch der Gartenliebhaber nicht nur selbst seinen Garten auf jede mögliche Art zieren, sondern auch aus den Blättern, Blühten, Früchten, Harze, Säften, und Holze einen Nutzen ziehen könne.

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Wien, R. Sammer, 1801-1804. 3 volumes. Folio (370 x 230mm). With 3 engraved title-vignettes and 299(of 300) handcoloured engraved plates of trees (shrubs, flowers etc) and 28 handcoloured engraved unnumbered plates depicting buds. Contemporary blue boards, spines with red gilt lettered label (one binding with some staining).

devoted to the native, foreign and exotic trees and shrubs and splendidly executed in the tradition of the Austrian Golden Period of botanical book illustration

The work is complete in 3 volumes and the text gives explanations from plates 1 to 300. A 4th volume was planned but never published. A few copies exist which have a number of plates of this unpublished volume. The present work is very rare and the only bibliographies which mention the book are Nissen, Pritzel and Rehder (The Bradley Bibliography). Nissen copies Pritzel and both are calling for 400 plates, 360 numbered, with additional 40 unnumbered plates illustrating buds.
Pritzel bases his description on a copy in the Royal Library in Vienna. This is certainly in error as this copy, now in the Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek, has 328 plates and has the same number of text-pages as our copy.

The first two volumes are a later issue with the same letterpress. Our copy lacks plate 258 and has 28 plates on buds. There are copies with 30 to 31 plates on buds, but 3 plates are always original drawings as the engraved plates were never made. Publication of the work must have been problematic due to the 'Napoleonic pause' in book production.
This beautifully illustrated work devoted to the native, foreign and exotic trees and shrubs is splendidly executed in the tradition of the Austrian Golden Period of botanical book illustration. Franz Johann Schulz was an Austrian botanist and artist. The description of the ornamental trees, of the fruit trees and of the shrubbery are presented first by means of an introduction with nomenclature in Latin, German and French, followed by information on the cultivation and blooming seasons. The images provide scientific information on flowers, leaves and seeds with a double definition in Latin and German.

Nissen BBI, 1815; Pritzel 8463: Rehder, The Bradley Bibliography I, 293, quoting a copy with 327 plates.