[Symbolae Physicae, seu icones et descriptiones corporum naturalium novorum aut minus cognitorum, quae ex itinere per Libyam, Aegyptum, Nubiam, Dongolam, Syriam, Arabiam et Habessiniam ...]. Berlin 1828-1900.

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The original pen drawing, 2 wild boar, for plate 20 'Phacochoerus Haroia' of the mammalia section of Ehrenberg's work. This plate is signed 'B├╝rde fec.' The orginal pen drawing is not signed and in pencil is written 'Phacochoerus * Arroia Feminina ex Habessinia', and in ink 'Harroia'. Added to this attractive drawing is the original proof plate, before letters.

"The journey led through the Libyan desert to Cyrenaica, to Fayum in 1821, toward the Nile to Dongola, and the shores of the Red Sea (in 1823) and yielded an unexpected large body of scientific result. Of the animal species alone, 3.987 (34.000 individual zoological objects) were sent to the collections of the Berlin Zoological Museum..." (DSB). Ehrenberg was the only survivor of the expedition.

B.M.(N.H.) II, 515; Junk Rara 138.