Methodus Fungorum exhibens genera, species et varietates cum charactere, differentia specifica, synonomis, solo, loco et observationibus.

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Berolini, sumtibus Scholae Realis, 1753. 8vo (184 x 115mm). pp. 162, (36, index), with 6 engraved folded plates. Contemporary blue boards.

notable as being the first book exclusively devoted to fungi

"The mycological reputation of Johann Gottlieb Gleditsch (director of the botanic garden of the Academy of Sciences, Berlin, and lecturer in the medical school) mainly rests on his 'Methodus fungorum' published in 1753, the same year of the 'Species Plantarum' (of Linnaeus) and notable as being the first book exclusively devoted to fungi. Although based on ten of the genera recognised by Linnaeus, their grouping shows an advance on that of earlier and contemporary authors" (Ainsworth. Introduction to the history of mycology, pp. 252-254). Old stamp on title.

Provenance: Signature of Römer, Swiss botanist on inside frontcover.

Stafleu & Cowan I, 2031.